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PPM provides a simplified team oriented approach to a project portfolio management and IT organizations development by combining various applications. It gives you full visibility from ideas to value the delivery and streamline your demand funnel that prioritize your investment and accelerate work execution in the single platform. With the help of traditional and agile portfolio management, testing and tools of collaboration which improves productivity and service delivery. We can finally take control of our applications, financial portfolios and projects by using ServiceNow ppm, then IT functions like true business gain visibility and improve alignment strategy which increase velocity of the deliverable.

Project portfolio management improves the visibility into projects with centralized demand management for assessing, gathering and prompting internal initiatives, and gains insights into the budget and staffing constraints along with project value and business goals for complete alignment strategy. It monitors the project with charts and automated notifications and milestones tracking, it provides on demand and scheduled reports as suits your needs. Project portfolio management is easily deployable and built on one of the leading cloud platforms which embrace both agile and waterfall project management. PPM managers can explore resource management best practice and also gain access to common starting points. 

Services Available

Project portfolio management drives continuous improvement with staff augmentations and services from results positive, and its experts usher your pmo organizations by taking necessary steps to success. 

Implementation: It veterans of the results positive team which utilize the proven methodologies and a finetune prescriptive approach to implement fast. 

Integrations: They seamlessly incorporate your application portfolio with the help of servicenow, as we work hard in hand with system admin and technical resources. 

Managed support and services: It provides 9-5 or 24-7 support packages and enjoy individualized world class support, which helps to unravel and to solve real world business challenges. 

Optimization: Project portfolio management realizes lower costs and improves performance by their expert guidance and coaching, we can start unlocking hidden value in servicenow platform. 

Upgrades: It revitalizes our servicenow environment with results positive, we will access the impact of desired upgrades path and smooth transmission. 

Actionable Analytics

PPM can accelerate time to value with out of the box scorecards, interactive dashboards which deliver insight into how to develop business services, and how real time analytics can help IT organizations. Servicenow ppm gauge performance and make smarter decisions with high speed predictive trending and machine learning algorithms, that are available exclusively on the ppm platform.

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Agile Approach to PPM

Various organizations are maintaining many standalone tools used to track projects and developments, but by using servicenow now we can adopt agile project management across the organizations for maximum visibility, efficiency and cohesion. Project portfolio management gives support for agile and traditional waterfall projects in the same solution, that integrate agile methodology into your processes which have never been easier. PPM helps business users and project teams deliver higher-quality services, with a common framework for rapid iteration. It allows project teams to align their efforts, along with business users towards a common outcome in the delivery of business services.

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Resources and Demand Management

Servicenow project portfolio management allows you to synchronize resource management and forecasting capabilities, by distributing tasks efficiently and managing multi channel demand from a centralized service. We can facilitate proactive ideation which may easily access, drive and improve your business forward. Salesforce project portfolio management also includes costly and inefficient software products, by embracing a single solution platform used for the requirements of your project planning needs. It incorporates agile development initiatives along with a versatile test management framework, servicenow project portfolio management delivers higher-quality services and software highly. 

ServiceNow PPM Applications

Demand management: This application is used for assessing ideas and promoting accepted ideas to strategic and operational demands. 

Project management: An application is used to manage tasks, resources and projects. 

Program management: A suite of tools used to manage programs and tasks.

Portfolio management: This application enables you to manage your projects and programs in various portfolios. 

Ideas: An application is used to enable you to gather and evaluate the ideas and promote the accepted ideas to demand epic and story. 

Timecard: That enables you to track time on a daily basis against tasks.

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Domain Separation in PPM 

PPM includes all the manager roles for the applications which include in the suit. 

Domain separation in servicenow PPM: Domain separation provides complete data isolation for domain specific users. PPM is a domain separation compliant with few limitations. 

PPM standard: project portfolio management standard, which is previously known as project portfolio suite with applications integrating financial management and PPM. 

Create and manage waterfall projects: PPM overview of the tasks involved in creating the agile project. 

Create and manage agile projects: The tasks involved in creating an agile project. 

Test management 2.0 Integration: It enables you to carry out testing activities on projects.

Agile development 2.0 integrations: It leverages the agile development 2.0 applications to combine the scrum methodology with the project based IT development. 

Innovation management: It enables you to gather and evaluate ideas efficiently to process the ideas with the great potential and quick identification for implementation. 

Portfolio Management in PPM: This application can create portfolios which are the collections of related programs, projects, and also demands. Then we can perform financial planning and monitor the status of these portfolios.

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Program management: This application helps you to logically group related projects under a single entity, and helps you to manage related projects and demands in coordinating the way which is not possible when projects are managed independently. 

Project management: This application suite of tools which aids in managing tasks, projects and resources. 

currency in project management: It uses the currency features to execute a part of the project or project in different geographical locations which has various local currencies. 

Domain separation in ppm: It gives an overview of domain separation which enables you to separate the data, processes and tasks into logical groups namely domains. Then we can control several aspects of this separation, with those users, can see and access the data. 

Quick start tests for ppm: That ppm is validated still works after you make any configuration change, they are like updating and upgrading an application, and to customize these quick start tests to pass using your instance-specific data. 

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This certification is intended for project portfolio management implementation specialists, and it demonstrates how to install and configure the components of project portfolio management which include demand, project and resource. This certification is broken into 5 modules. Each of them provide best practice, detailed information and configuration steps about the application within servicenow project portfolio management. This certification of servicenow project portfolio management is designed for technical consultants and others who are implementing project portfolio management from ideation to demand, resources and time tracking. 

We will receive an email with voucher code to register for this certification exam. It includes five modules. Module 1 contains the project portfolio management ecosystem, implementation methodology and maturity model. Module 2 contains the financial overview of project portfolio management. Module 3 includes core configuration of servicenow project portfolio management. Module 4 contains servicenow PPM financial configuration. Module 5 servicenow project portfolio management analytics, dashboards and reporting. We need to have the knowledge of servicenow ppm fundamentals. 

PPM Challenges 

While managing and anticipating the demand for products and services which can affect the investment decision making, the myriad of complexities originates. 

During the process of undertaking statuses of different projects at a given time to perceive synchronously the environs of the uncertainty prevails. 

It provides optional resource management used for the development of resource plans, quests, and utilization of those resources in an active environment. 

Rapid Implementations

Servicenow ppm rapid deployment incorporates a variant of the servicenow implementation methodology and skillful service source, which enables the consumer to start utilizing and implementing the PPM within their business. This implementation offers conspicuousness into consumers projects and portfolios after an efficient sequence of diagnosis knowledge transfer and verification.

Servicenow Ppm Training

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Prerequisite Implementation

These services require the consumers aggressive involvement and its coordination for project success, users have authorised the needed platform and elements for the characterized scope. The users have admittance to consumer support portal and verifies the technical lead to manage and report any related funding tickets. They also provided an active non productive ppm instance on which to accomplish the features empowerment and testing activities. 

Configuration activities which are limited to installation and setup of the base product abilities are emphasized, they have offered remote access to the servicenow render consultants to the production test and development instances, they make the needed internal personnel which defines the duration of the project on a schedule and basics to meet the deadlines. Technical force shadows of the consumer as a patient and personnel while the in scope contour is conducted to transfer knowledge upon the services. 

Engagement manager provides admittance to project planning, issue tracking and reporting templates, the alleviate tracking of the project scope deadlines, source utilization, status and issues, that unveils the standardized project report against project plan template. 


Servicenow project portfolio management provides you complete conspicuous planning to execution, the prioritization and planning are simple. We can track our unplanned and planned projects in the same place. Its apps render a scalable and versatile approach to manage sources and projects across the business, ppm is designed to manage prices, scheduled sources to meet quality standards. PPM utilizes features like chat, knowledge management live feed and source management that helps to endow every team member to simplify the participation, collaborate and involve values to the chores and projects.