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In the ServiceNow PPM, the term PPM stands for Project Portfolio Management, and the project portfolios consist of multiple aspects. Every business enterprise has some goals, which they achieve by doing a project. Every business can manage multiple projects in its operations to achieve the required target. A project portfolio includes several processes, programs, and activities. Further, all projects are combined, spending on the organization's immediate goals and strategic necessity. Managing projects cannot be easy if they are grouped together for a strategic lineup. However, ServiceNow PPM can take care of this and streamline the projects by prioritizing them for the best business outcomes. This article will discuss ServiceNow PPM, the different services available, their applications, challenges, benefits, and more.

What is Project Portfolio Management?

The ServiceNow project portfolio management (PPM) is crucial to SPM (Strategic Portfolio Management). It allows users to organize primary goals and objectives, KPIs, and funds to achieve them using specific tools. However, PPM is a plan to line up and govern the projects and programs that are linked, identical, and dependent. 

Further, PPM provides complete visibility into the real-time project groups, their status, and health, including their related resources and interrelationships. In other words, Project Portfolio Management helps businesses locate, organize, correlate, and observe projects and their progress aligned with their goals and plans.                

Services Available

ServiceNow project portfolio management (PPM) operates continuous business improvement by adding new staff and services from positive outcomes. Project management consists of a large team that combines various plans, tools, and techniques that help effectively manage a project. Further, PMOs (project management offices) and project leaders jointly use project portfolio management to accomplish projects well with relevant steps. Let us look after these steps:

  • Implementation: Business experts from the results-oriented team use a fine-tuned directive plan and proven methods to execute quickly. 
  • Optimization: ServiceNow PPM always notices reduced costs and enhances performance through expert support and guidance. Through this, we can unlock the hidden costs in the Service Now platform.  
  • Integrations: Using ServiceNow, you can flawlessly include your portfolio of applications as you work hard with the system admin and other technical assets. 
  • Managed services and support: PPM offers various support packages, such as 9-5 or 24x7, and individuals can enjoy great support. It helps to solve many real-world issues of business actively.
  • Upgrades: PPM helps to bolster your service environment with good outcomes. Further, you can access the results of the upgrade path you desired and smooth transfer.

1) Actionable Analytics

ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management helps to speed up time to value with imaginative scorecards and innovative and interactive dashboards. They deliver insights into developing various business services and getting real-time analytics that help IT companies grow. Further, PPM measures the performance and helps make smart decisions with accelerated estimated trending and ML algorithms only available on this platform. 

2) Agile Approach to PPM

Many companies are managing various discrete tools to track projects and their progress. However, using the ServiceNow tool helps you adopt speedy project management throughout the enterprise. It offers better visibility, efficiency, and unity across the enterprise. Moreover, PPM provides support for speedy and legacy waterfall projects similarly. Here, it combines agile methodologies with business processes that are much more complex. Also, it helps business users and the entire project teams deliver better quality services using a common framework for quick renewal. Further, it helps project teams line up their energy with the business users towards common objectives and results.

3) Resources and Demand management

ServiceNow PPM enables you to sync resource management and predictive capabilities by allocating jobs skillfully and controlling multi-channel orders from a central service. You also encourage creating many creative ideas that can help your company advance. Moreover, Salesforce PPM also consists of costly and inactive software products by supporting a single platform helpful for the demands of the project planning necessities. Also, it includes many agile development methods, including a flexible test management framework. 

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ServiceNow PPM Applications

The following are the various applications of ServiceNow PPM:

1) Demand Management: 

The PPM application helps evaluate ideas and plans and promotes the agreed ideas to fulfill planned and working needs.

2) Project Management

The PPM app helps manage various jobs, projects, and assets.

3) Program Management 

ServiceNow PPM is a suite of tools for managing various jobs and programs. 

4) Portfolio Management

PPM software allows you to manage projects and other business activities in different portfolios efficiently. 

5) Ideas

This application allows you to collect and assess the ideas and promote the agreed ideas and plans to demand a myth and tale. 

6) Timecard: It allows you to track and trace the daily time of performing tasks.

Domain Separation in PPM

The ServiceNow project portfolio management consists of multiple manager roles for all the apps within this suite. These are as follows:

1) Domain separation in ServiceNow PPM: 

Domain separation in project portfolio management refers to the complete separation of data for the domain-specific users. Further, PPM apps comply with domain isolation with few restrictions.

2) PPM Standard: 

The standard PPM was earlier known as a PPS (project portfolio suite), including apps that integrate PPM and financial management. 

3) Creating and managing waterfall projects: 

There are multiple PPM tasks, including creating and managing waterfall projects. 

4) Build and manage Agile projects: 

These jobs are related to developing an agile project.

5) Test management 2.0 Integration: 

This part allows you to perform project testing activities.

6) Agile development 2.0 Integrations: 

It uses Agile development apps of version 2.0 to integrate project-based IT development with the Scrum policy.

7) Innovation management: 

It allows you to group and assess the ideas more efficiently to process them with great potential and faster recognition for their execution.

8) Portfolio Management in PPM: 

This app helps to build portfolios that are groups of related projects, programs, and needs. Then, you can execute a financial strategy and observe the status of all those portfolios.

9) Program management: 

This PPM app lets you logically separate the associated projects within a single entity and allows you to manage similar projects and demands differently. This way is not possible to use when they are individually managed. 

10) Project management: 

This ServiceNow ppm app is a suite of various tools that help to manage multiple jobs, assets, and projects. 

11) Currency in project management: 

This app uses a currency feature to run the specific part of a project or the project executed in multiple global locations having local currencies.

12) Quickly start tests for PPM: 

This PPM is approved and still works after making setup changes such as updating, app upgrades, etc. Also, to tailor these swift start tests to pass using the instance-specific data. 

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The ServiceNow PPM certification is designed for the specialists who implement Project Portfolio Management. Also, it explains to you how to install and set up the PPM components, including demand, resource, and project. Further, the PPM certification consists of five modules that help get complete insights and skills about PPM. Moreover, this ServiceNow project portfolio management certification is intended for professionals like technical consultants and other experts applying PPM through ideation to needs, resources and timelines.

PPM Challenges

  • Many difficulties arise when you manage and predict the need for multiple products and services that can impact investment decision-making.
  • When handling the state of various initiatives at once, the context of uncertainty predominates and must be observed simultaneously. 
  • Further, it offers optional resource management helpful for the growth of resource strategies, searches, and usage of those resources within an active space. 

Rapid Implementations

The ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management rapid implementation contains an alternative to the ServiceNow deployment policy and a proficient service source. It allows the clients to begin using and applying the ServiceNow PPM in their business. Moreover, this deployment provides noticeable factors in the consumer projects and portfolios after an adequate order of verification, knowledge shift, and identification. 

Prerequisite Applications

The PPM services need consumers' hostile action and teamwork for the project's success. Further, users allowed the required platform and variables for the market scope. Also, the users have access to the support portal for consumers. It validates the technical lead to manage and report any tickets arising from funding effectively. They also offered an agile, non-creative ServiceNow PPM instance on which you can finish the work, having features like testing and mandate operations.

They have offered remote access to the ServiceNow consultants supplying the production test and development instances. Also, they make the necessary internal personnel, which defines the project's duration on a schedule and the basics to meet deadlines. Further, configuration activities limited to installing and setting the base product abilities are highlighted.

Moreover, engagement managers offer access to the project strategy, problem tracking, reporting templates, the relief of the project scope limits, source usage, status and problems, etc., that reveals the regulated project report as opposed to the project strategy template. 

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How can IT departments establish a solid value proposition for their internal customers?

To establish a solid value proposition for their internal customers, IT departments can focus on improving cost management and transparency. It is crucial for IT to provide clear visibility into their spending, as it is often difficult for organizations and the businesses they serve to track its impact. By implementing appropriate capabilities, such as those offered by Cask, IT departments can effectively track and communicate what is being spent, where, and why. This increased transparency enables IT to showcase the value they bring to the organization and demonstrate the return on investment for their services. Moreover, utilizing platforms like ServiceNow's cost management platform can simplify spending transparency with the help of interactive dashboards, offering detailed views of expenditures at both the service and project levels. By leveraging these tools and practices, IT departments can prove their worth and showcase the value they provide to their internal customers.

How can organizations match investments to objectives and balance risk against performance?

Organizations can effectively match their investments to objectives and achieve a balanced approach between risk and performance through the practice of portfolio management in the realm of IT Business Management. By embracing portfolio management, organizations gain a comprehensive understanding of the costs, maintenance requirements, and business value associated with their IT services, applications, and projects throughout their entire lifecycle.

Through portfolio management, organizations can align their investments with their objectives by assessing the potential outcomes and benefits of different IT initiatives. This involves thoroughly evaluating the strategic value and expected returns of various investment options and prioritizing those that are in line with the organization's goals.

Furthermore, with portfolio management, organizations can also balance risk against performance by conducting a careful analysis of potential risks and uncertainties associated with different investment choices. This entails evaluating factors such as market volatility, technological advancements, resource availability, and potential disruptions. By considering these risks and their potential impact, organizations can make informed decisions that aim to mitigate risks while maximizing performance.

Portfolio management provides organizations with the necessary tools and frameworks to assess and compare different investment options holistically. It enables decision-makers to consider factors such as financial feasibility, technical feasibility, resource allocation, alignment with overall business strategy, and potential impact on key stakeholders.

By implementing portfolio management practices, organizations gain a structured approach to evaluate investments based on their alignment with objectives, potential returns, and potential risks. This informed decision-making framework helps organizations make better choices, enabling them to allocate investments strategically and extend the value of their overall portfolio.

Benefits of ServiceNow PPM

The use of ServiceNow project portfolio management offers some key benefits to its users. Also, it provides a real-time vision of the project's status and groups, along with its related resources. Let us know the various vital benefits of ServiceNow PPM:

  • It helps to reduce the potential risks associated with any organization.
  • PPM helps to select the right project based on data, qualitative methods, and scoring models. 
  • It improves communication between teams and divisions of a company better. 
  • Also, it reduces the delivery times of projects to a great extent. This feature makes it very popular.
  • Moreover, it increases the return on investment for the business entities. 


Thus, Servicenow PPM offers a complete strategy with outstanding execution from start to end. It prioritizes and plans simply regarding a project. However, you can easily track any planned or unplanned project in a similar place. Further, PPM is created to manage costs and plan resources to meet a project's high-quality levels. 

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