Servicenow Integration

In this modern era, many technologies depend on each other to deliver the best results. This dependency can be fulfilled by making integrations between the systems. Integration is defined as an act of combining smaller systems into a bigger one that delivers the desired outcome.

In ServiceNow, the act of integration is a flow of information between ServiceNow Instance and company applications.  Here we have two options to make integration one is before and the other is after the ServiceNow implementation goes live. But the best one is too apt for it before it goes live. Establishing integration before it goes live gives you a chance to test the integration. ServiceNow allows for easy integration with multiple third-party applications and data sources.

Servicenow Integrations

In this blog post, we are going to talk about the ServiceNow Kingston business integrations with various applications and tools. Let’s get into the details without wasting much time. 

Jira Integration:

Project management is very essential and needs to execute tasks such as assigning works, tracking progress, and releasing results. Jira is one of the best tools for an end to end project management and Kingston allows a seamless integration process between ServiceNow and Jira. 

This integration creates effective communication automation workflows, business areas, and resolves issues very quickly. 

LDAP Integration:

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is the main source of master data which allows accessibility through a simple single sign-in. The integration between ServiceNow and LDAP creates a simple login process and automates administration tasks. The additional advantage is that it also supports Active Directory integration. 

Azure Integration:

Azure is a Microsoft's Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform and helps the organizations to build, deploy and manage configured apps. Azure integration with ServiceNow enables the organization with the power to IT operations management and event management. Kingston’s Azure integration accepts Azure as a data source and captures important data on the platform. 

Splunk Integration: 

Splunk is one of the widely used applications by the developers to big data metrics, patterns, and also to resolve problems. Kingston allows seamless integration between the ServiceNow and Splunk to provide a clear view of incidents and analysis. Combining Splunk and ServiceNow in the form of integration enhances security levels.  

Slack Integration:

An organization can leverage the Slack platform to enhance the communication workflows between the teams and also allow clear accessibility to essential business information. The integration between the Slack and ServiceNow faster and efficient communication channels. 

Salesforce Integration:

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Integrating ServiceNow with salesforce enables the organizations to gain clear visibility and allows connection with customer service management (CSM) data. Kingston allows enterprises to integrate Salesforce cases, accounts, users, and opportunities very easily. Organizations can also have a chance to import the data from Salesforce to ServiceNow software. 

McAfee Integration

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager is a popular tool to monitor and protect the actions of systems, networks, apps, and databases. ServiceNow can integrate with McAfee ESM in two ways. They are Email parsing and issue augmentation. Using the ServiceNow platform in real-time, you can use these two products together to get relevant sighting information for occurrences.

Security Operations Integration

The integration of security operations into ServiceNow can speed up the process of connecting it to external cybersecurity systems. Through this connection, businesses may identify, address, and assess cybersecurity issues. It facilitates quicker responses to significant issues and lessens risks to business-critical systems.

Human Resource Management Systems Integration

There are a few common connections available for ServiceNow's HR Service Delivery solutions with other management systems. All HR operations, including managing absences and employee data, are completely automated and centralized when your existing management system is integrated seamlessly with the ServiceNow platform.

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Types of ServiceNow Integrations

Event Management Integration

The Event Management app now has capabilities for security incident response. An Event Management support plug-in for Security Incident Response inundated data gathered from system events in information security regions.

Import set API Integration

The Security Incident Response software offers an Import Set API for generating security incidents directly, to the extent that Event Management can be utilized to generate security-related occurrences.

Lookup Source Integration

Users can send information to remote lookup sources to verify whether it is causing harm. An IP address, URL, file, or hash of a file are the most common forms of information.

Threat Source Integration

A number of threat intelligence directories can be accessed and imported using Threat Sources. Following that, the platform's numerous Measures of Reconciliation tables are loaded with this data. One need only enter the URL of an existing entry to add it to an easy-to-use single-column blocklist. For more complex data sets, custom integration can be provided to access a URL and parse the output.

Data Integration

Integrating vulnerability data allows users to access sensitive or restricted information from external vulnerability management systems. It is expected that these integrations will result in the creation of vulnerabilities and susceptible items. With the understanding that security concerns will be addressed and monitored, this integration enables third-party vulnerability scanners to work freely within the instance.

Scanner Invocation Integration

Vulnerability Scanner Invocation is a basic integration point that allows the instance to do vulnerability scans. To set up a scan for configuration management or IP addresses, an asynchronous request is made to a third-party penetration test.

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Advantages of Servicenow Integrations

Following are the four core benefits that any business can gain through integrating ServiceNow applications with multiple applications. 

1) ServiceNow Meets Demand: 

ServiceNow acts as a centralized platform to gain access to multiple applications. Earlier it was a challenging task to get the clear info from multiple platforms. ServiceNow integrations create a centralized platform that routes all the requests to the right place and alerts the right parties to deliver the best service. 

2) Continuous Progress: 

ServiceNow integration provides clear visibility into all the tasks that are happening in an organization. The centralized data gathering and analysis will provide accurate insights regarding business areas where development and focus are required. This allows the organization to make continuous improvements based on past results and weak points.

3) Quick Problem Solving: 

ServiceNow comes with the features to collect, analyze and present data. It allows easy extraction of insights out of hidden data and spots the areas which are causing hindrance to the business growth and alerts concerned teams to resolve them. 

4) Highly Adaptable: 

ServiceNow can easily adapt into all types of business sizes and is easy to scale. ServiceNow pre-built applications such as  ITSM (IT Service Management), and CSM (Customer Service Management), Marketing Service Management (MSM), and Human Resource Service Management (HRSM) all these together deliver deep functionality without any need to write a single line of code.

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ServiceNow integration builds a streamlined and centralized system that acts as a central repository for all types of business services. ServiceNow platform allows seamless integration for infrastructure, software, API’s and products. The integration will enable the organizations to easily flow into and out of the ServiceNow Platform.

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