Servicenow SecOps Overview

what is ServiceNow Security Operation? and what are the advantages & applications of Servicenow Secops?

What is ServiceNow SecOps?

ServiceNow SecOps, often known as Security Operations, is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution built inside the ServiceNow platform. It improves and streamlines an organization's way of handling security incidents and threat management. SecOps helps security teams swiftly detect, prioritize, and fix security threats and vulnerabilities by combining automation, orchestration, threat intelligence, and vulnerability management. It promotes communication between the security and IT departments, connects with SIEM platforms, and provides tools for compliance and risk management. The objectives of ServiceNow SecOps are to improve an organization's security posture, speed up incident response times, and guarantee adherence to industry standards and regulations.

Why is SecOps needed?

  • Day by day security threats are growing. It is almost impossible that an IT security program will have enough people to identify every attack and  prevent the occurrence of every security problem. A more proficient team may help with the deployment of applications and manage security during all phases of deployment in order to extend a team and increase the number of hands on deck.
  • Security is given less importance than adoption of speed and tools. The speed of applications and their value as a tool are frequently issues that operations and development teams worry about. When security isn't given enough priority, an application may be attacked and have its integrity compromised.
  • Security has lagged behind innovation, thus it is essential to keep the two side by side. If not, an innovation can only end up being a burden or a vulnerability.
  • The amount of time it takes to exploit a vulnerability has dropped as cybercriminals develop increasingly inventive attack strategies. Quick security responses are necessary to protect data and information integrity.

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Applications of Servicenow Security Operations

Following are the different applications offered by Servicenow Security Operation to minimize the security threats and maximize business improvement. 

Security Incident Response application: 

Security Incident Response streamlines the process to spot critical incidents and help with automation and workflow tools to speed up resolving processes. Data from Security Information and Event Manager (SIEM) or security tools can easily be imported via APIs or email alerts that enable automatic creation of security incidents. It allows customization of security workflow templates that automates various security tasks and makes sure that the organizations best practises are followed.  

Vulnerability Response Application: 

The ServiceNow Security operations vulnerability response application prioritizes security prone assets and finds the critical business areas that are at risk. With the help of the CMDB, it can easily spot the dependencies across systems and quickly determines the business impact and downtime. Vulnerability response provides clear visibility of all vulnerabilities that affect a given service and also other vulnerabilities that affect business. 

Configuration Compliance Application: 

Improper software configuration puts the entire organization at risk. Configuration compliance application remediates and prioritizes misconfigured from external or third-party security configuration assessment. It makes the best use of the CMDB to decide the items that are critical. Automation and Workflows take instant actions against specific assets or groups for bulk changes. 

Configuration Compliance application simply coordinates with IT on a single platform to look after updates and changes. Above all, the configuration compliance data can be injected into the features of ServiceNow Risk, Governance, and Compliance to slow down the risk factor.  

Threat Intelligence application: 

Threat intelligence application of ServiceNow Security operations helps incident responders detect Indicators of Compromise (IoC) and search for underlying threats and attacks. It receives the relevant information from the threat feeds automatically. Whenever an IoC is connected to a security incident, it sends IoCs to third party sources for additional analysis purposes.  The information sourced is directly reported in the security incident record for review purpose and saves a lot of time. Apart from supporting multiple threat feeds, ServiceNow also supports STIX and TAXII to implement threat intelligence from diversified sources. 

Trusted Security Circles application: 

Trusted security circles application allows you to share the threat intelligence data with industry suppliers, peers, or with a huge circle of global ServiceNow customers. You can send an anonymous query that consists of security observables to the external users and get a sighting count automatically. This activity helps you decide whether a suspicious activity may be a part of a bigger attack.  

Performance Analytics for Security Operations: 

Performance Analytics allows you to build advanced real-time dashboards and reports. It comes with the in-built key performance indicators (KPIs) and also enables the users to create more KPIs to track essential metrics of an organization. Performance Analytics allows us to utilize historical data to spot bottlenecks, revamp response procedures, and find the tasks that need automation. 

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Advantages of Servicenow Security Operations

Connect security and IT: 

It creates a smooth response flow across teams for efficient task handoffs between various groups and faster resolution. ServiceNow Security Operations streamlines the accountability of an organization and makes the work process simple. 

Drive Faster,  Accurate Security Response: 

ServiceNow Orchestration tools lower the time spent on basic tasks. Moreover, it also equips the security incidents with threat intelligence to speed up remediation and enable integration with your current security portfolio. 

Know your security posture: 

It allows you to view and analyze the status of the security position of an organization with the help of reports and dashboards backed by quality information. ServiceNow Security operations add great improvement through post-incident reviews and metrics. 

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It is very essential to protect the business from falling into the hands of attackers because a small data breach can cause a huge loss to a business. ServiceNow Security is an advanced solution that connects IT and security teams for quick response to the security attacks and provides a clear view of organizational security levels.

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