Saviynt vs Sailpoint

Everyone must be aware of the cyber hackers and so cybersecurity providers entered into the world. And now, we are focusing on two cybersecurity providers and they are the best among the best. Cloud businesses like amazon, Netflix and many more are at a great risk of these cyberattacks. So, these businesses must focus on cybersecurity providers. In the previous decade, Saviynt and Sailpoint both have proved themselves and shown high exponential growth.

What is Saviynt?

Saviynt is nothing but providing different levels of online security. It enables us to secure our applications, data and infrastructure in a single platform for Cloud and Enterprises like SAP. It is a unique solution to resolve some typical issues because it hides the identity to tie the security and trust together. It helps clients to overcome the issue of deploying the security levels of integrated security. Many organizations are benefiting from this Saviynt.

What is Sailpoint?

Sailpoint is an identity management solution which helps organizations to manage employee permissions, digital identities, information security, and data access on a unified portal. It is nothing but a cybersecurity provider which provides security for the organizations from any cyber threat. Sailpoint uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to make sure that their business is safe across all the social media platforms. It can be used as a password management tool for changing or resetting the password. It can also be used for implementing the protocols.

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Saviynt vs Sailpoint

Saviynt Users

  • Saviynt provides better integration with some enterprise systems like SAP and Microsoft.
  • Saviynt is a single platform.
  • The cost of the Saviynt is heavy but it provides more security.
  • Saviynt provides Free Trial for sometime while Sailpoint does not give any free trials.
  • It eliminates the complexity.
  • Saviynt is more flexible and fully featured as compared to others.
  • The implementation process for Saviynt is quite easier compared to the Sailpoint.
  • Saviynt is the best tool when the user is not much interested to check the configuration, and it works well.
  • It has a lot of potential with many features available for the users.
  • The community is not active and lacks a broader user base because still it is a new solution.
  • The support system of Saviynt is not so active, Their only services are chats.
  • For every change that user is going to make, you have to go back to it and ask for it.

Sailpoint Users

  • Sailpoint was launched in 2005. Hence, it has a huge user base and community.
  • The supporting system provided by the Sailpoint is very good compared to the Saviynt.
  • Services like Email or Help Desk, FAQs or Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, and Chat are also provided.
  • The solution given by the Sailpoint is clearly stable and very easy to use in the identity management.
  • Here, The communication is very active. Any user can easily raise the questions and can find the solutions and required resources to such issues quickly.
  • It is quite difficult to provide security for the cloud platforms because you still need Identity IQ.
  • The solution provided by the Sailpoint is very costly.
  • In this, The connectors are manual. There is a space for automation.
  • Sailpoint’s interface requires some work which is more complex and many features of this needs Machine Learning and Automation.

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Comparisons Of Saviynt And Sailpoint

In terms of comparison, bth Saviynt and Sailpoint possess unique functions. If you are looking for better functions and community then you must take Saviynt. However, If you are looking for a broader user base and more mature functions, then you must use Sailpoint. Both of them depend on some requirements. So, We should look into the requirements first and then we can take any of them. Also, Both of them have distinct features and so you have to choose which is best for you.

  • The products provided by Saviynt can work well when it is out of the box, if and only iff you do not want a high configuration then it is the best tool. Whereas, In the Sailpoint, It gives a great solution that provides control access throughout the environment.
  • The initial cost of the Saviynt is quite less as compared to the Sailpoint and it is a good solution that provides integration with both enterprise and cloud applications. In Sailpoint, it provides Access Certification which gives most importance for that and it is costly initially as compared to the Saviynt.
  • In Saviynt, it is found that the implementation process is very easy as compared to Sailpoint. While in Sailpoint, the solution is simple to use and quite stable and reliable.
  • The interface of the Saviynt is quite simple and easy to use but the interface of Sailpoint is not that much simple and it is difficult to use.
  • Generally, Many of the users use Windows and Mac operating systems. Saviynt will be good for these users but it is not good for the Sailpoint users. Sailpoint is good for the Android users but it is not possible for the Saviynt users to use it Android. Users who are using iPhone and iPad will be good for both the Saviynt and Sailpoint users.
  • As a coin having two sides, there will be similarities and differences. The Support given by them would be good for any user and so both Saviynt and Sailpoint will be providing Business hours for working and also 24/7 Live Support for any queries. And, it will be in the online mode. So, the employees will be online whatever the time is.
  • As coming to the users those who are using these Saviynt and Sailpoint, Sailpoint has more users since, it was launched in 2005.

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Conclusion :

In this blog, we have seen about the Saviynt and Sailpoint and also distinguished both. We have compared them. Saviynt is the better one as compared to the Sailpoint. Since, It can access multiple access requests at a time by configuring the custom forms. It helps to make intelligent decisions for the end users. It provides access only to the owner. It gives automatic discovery and the enrollment of unmanaged or unused applications.

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