ServiceNow Certification

Among the robust and feature-rich ITSM tools within the market, ServiceNow is the top one. Today, many leading business enterprises depend on the cloud-based IT management platform that manages IT infrastructures. So, getting ServiceNow Certification can help IT professionals to demonstrate their skills and expertise. After obtaining these ServiceNow credits that advance their career ways towards ITSM, IT professionals can pursue this course.

For partners and customers who use the products / services of this platform at work, ServiceNow offers three certification paths. The following are the ServiceNow Certifications:

  • CSA - Certified Systems Administrator
  • CAD - Certified Application Developer 
  • CIS - Certified Implementation Specialist

In addition, by completing courses on each platform, candidates can obtain certificates relevant to a certain product.

All the learners will get the option to join the prerequisite courses before they appear for the certification test. These courses are offered in different formats through skilled ServiceNow trainers. There is an option to teach the course in-person within a practical scenario which can be either private or public. It is based on the choice of students. 

This course is provided in different modes, including instructor-led real-time training with practical skills. It can be in a public or private mode as per student’s needs. During the online classes, the trainer will be virtually present and accessible to teach various courses. In addition to this, candidates can also get multiple on-demand courses. These include recorded sessions, videos, live webinars, and interactive resources that help them to learn themselves only.         

Further, ServiceNow Training offers many 3rd-party courses, including updated study materials and exam vouchers. It aims to help learners to provide skills and abilities required to follow their certification path. So, based on the career goals, students and learners can choose a specific Certification learning path.


What is meant by ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a leading cloud-based platform used by multiple enterprises to automate various processes. By linking to the needs of each business and components of a company's IT network, it facilitates all of your management tasks in one place. It also simplifies the process of service delivery of companies by automating all manual actions and cutting delivery times. It also helps to reduce errors and risks related to information.


 What does it mean to get Certified In General?

Obtaining a ServiceNow certification benefits learners by promoting their profile within the business and helps them in their career. This credential also has the ability to separate between motivations, ensure improved productivity and outcomes, increase community satisfaction within the users, etc. Further, it offers additional precise estimates of their investment in higher education. Moreover, earning a prestigious Now platform Certification can advance your career and improve your salary.

Developing and Stretching

Training and certification are the two pillars and play a key role in achieving customer success. On the other hand, certification and training have evolved into dynamic elements that help aspirants in advancing their careers. Participants might research the best ways to include the micro-certifications, launch a program at the mastery level, and build more robust templates and tools. Selecting from a range of online training options can help you do this.


What ServiceNow Certification path is right for you?

There are three basic ServiceNow Certification paths: Implementer, Developer, and Admin. Getting any of these certifications can enhance your career in a better way.

1) Implementer Path

Participants will learn how to use the Platform in a specific area of work by following an implementer certification path. The ability to rapidly and efficiently deploy ServiceNow solutions into customer areas is made possible using this path. There are various ServiceNow Certifications for Implementation Specialists that you can obtain depending on the field you relate to. This is regardless of whether the learner is a new consultant just starting their career or an experienced professional willing to expand their skills and set themselves ahead of other experts.

2) Developer Path

Aspirants who follow the certification path of Developers are able to learn a variety of concepts. Design, coding, and integrations are a few of these concepts. The candidates will know how to design application tables, produce and apply forms, manage access, and include processes into applications as part of their training to become CADs. Further, the learners will know to fully utilize the Now Platform in addition to focusing on a specific item.

3) Administrator Path

The candidates can oversee and keep up the Platform using the admin's path. Further, the candidates would discover the most important aspects of maintaining and running the Now Platform.

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CSA - Certified Systems Admin

The ability of students to manage, set up, and use the ServiceNow platform is verified by clearing the ServiceNow SAC Exam. Prior to pursuing additional courses or certification paths, this certification provides the basis for all the information learners require to learn about ServiceNow. However, there are not many prerequisites for this primary certification, it is suggested that learners have prior experience using ServiceNow products.

The CSA Exam includes 60 questions from five distinct domains to learn. Each portion accounts for the exam. The following topics will be covered in the CSA exam:

  • Navigation and UI - 20%
  • Collaboration - 10%
  • DBA skills - 30%
  • Service Automation - 30%
  • Basics of scripting and application tools - 10%

1) Audience:

The below individuals and professionals are eligible to grab this certification exam:

  • Partners of ServiceNow
  • ServiceNow Customers
  • Sales Engineers
  • Aspirats looking to build a career as a ServiceNow CSA.

2) Product Certifications:

These include CSM, HR, ITSM,ITOM, ITBM, and Platform certifications.

3) Prerequisites:

  • A minimum of six months hands-on expertise in using ServiceNow platform with skills in database and system management.
  • Additionally, it needs expertise in problem, incident, and change management workflows as well as IT help desk processes.

4) Required Courses: Basics of ServiceNow.

5) Duration of exam: 90 mins

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CIS - Certified Implementation Specialist

A crucial component of the ServiceNow implementer path is the CIS certification. It consists of six specialist certificates that are matched to particular ServiceNow products. These credentials are intended to give people the abilities and know-how needed to successfully apply ServiceNow solutions across a range of industries.

Moreover, the path of CIS certification includes several technical certifications in different areas. These include Service and Financial Management, Service Management, HR and Customer Service Management, Security Management, and Vulnerability Response. Here, each of these specializations needs in-depth training and practical learning through a skilled instructor. To get the detailed analysis of these CIS certification specializations, you can refer to the related articles. They will provide the complete details of each certification and topics to learn within them..
Further, the CIS certfication path provides aspirants multiple opportunities in different areas of implementing ServiceNow. This makes them skilled and gain expertise in specific domains to provide better ServiceNow solutions.

The pattern of CIS Certification exam includes MCQs and covers five different learning domains to select. It also consists of various topics in the exam, each covering some percentage. These are as follows:

  • Engagement methods and Planning of projects - 10%
  • Core system setup - 30%
  • Security systems - 10%
  • Performance and Tuning - 20%
  • Configuring systems - 30%


The CIS exam is for employees of ServiceNow and its partners.

Product Certifications:

The CIS certifications consist of Customer service management, HR, ITSM, ITBM, ITOM, Security Operations, and Software Asset Management.


  • Certification in ServiceNow CSA
  • Certification in Foundations of ITIL v3
  • Experience in at least two real-time projects of ServiceNow deployment

Required Courses:

  • System Admin in ServiceNow
  • System Admin - Advance
  • Bootcamp Application and Scripting

Duration of Exam: 90 minutes.


CAD - Certified Application Developer

The CAD certification is a detailed program to test an individual's expertise in developing custom apps using ServiceNow. This credential validates the knowledge and ability of the aspirants to develop various apps with the logic of database and business. Its primary focus will be an effective UI. After getting CAD Certification, learners can be able to present their skills in testing, writing, and rewriting scripts of client-side and server-side, handling and automating apps, and applying security with different products. Further, they also gain expertise to develop and implement UIs that identify various platform and design needs.

The exam pattern of CAD includes an assessment of 60 questions, including different concepts and domains. They each cover equal weightage of various sections. It includes app UI design, security access, app development methods, automation and management of apps, etc.


  • Partners and customers of ServiceNow.
  • Sales Engineers
  • Individuals interested to get this certification can enroll.

Product Certifications:

It comprises overall products.


  • No prerequisites are there but it is suggested to become a ServiceNow CSA.
  • You must hold hands-on expertise in developing apps and systems handling.

Suggested courses:

Additional courses need not be learned but you should have the basic knowledge of the ServiceNow platform, Scripting Process, app development, etc.

Duration: 90 mins

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CSA or Certified Systems Administrator

The CSA certification from ServiceNow is a basic certification for entry-level aspirants. It validates a learner’s skills and ability to handle, configure, and implement ServiceNow platform in real-time. Also, this certification serves as a basic certification that provides a detailed knowledge of the ServiceNow platform before looking after the other key certifications. But before getting this certification, it is essential to have some prerequisites like experience in working ServiceNow platform products will be good enough.

The pattern of CSA exam includes a test with 60 questions based on 5 different learning domains. Every domain contains an equal weightage covering complete evaluation of the exam. It covers different topics like UI and navigation, database management, collaboration, automating services, scripting, and app tools.


  • ServiceNow - Partners and Customers
  • Sales Engineers
  • Interested individuals and aspirants looking to become a ServiceNow CSA.


  • Six months of experience in ServiceNow platform handling.
  • Performance Analytics skills and overview of KPI Composer.
  • Overview of PA Basics, concepts of database, and Responsive Dashboards
  • Overview of PA Widgets, Formula Indicators and Advanced Performance Analytics.
  • IT help desk experience with problem and change management skills will be beneficial. 

Duration of exam: 90 mins

Exam Pattern:

MCQs covering 60 questions with multiple selections including six specific domains to learn. The following are the topics covered in the exam.

  • Deployment and Architecture - 10%
  • Configuration indicators, and the sources of indicator - 26%
  • Configured failures and sources of breakdowns - 22%
  • Collections of Data - 12% 
  • Data visualization - 23% 
  • Solutions and Administration - 7%

Required Courses:

The recommended skills include CAS tests related to Performance Analytics.


What is the value of ServiceNow Certification?

For both beginners and experts, obtaining a ServiceNow Certification greatly enhances their abilities and expertise. By validating their skills, it helps them stand ahead in the job market and grab high-end job offers. Professionals get increased potential as a result of this qualification since peers in the sector immediately notice and respect their reputation. Because of the specific skill set they show, the industry values ServiceNow certificates highly. Further, certified professionals are actively required by companies because they have the in-depth expertise required to produce major results.
However, ServiceNow Certifications are highly recognized and widely accepted across the industry. After getting these credentials, professionals can upgrade their careers much better. It also opens exciting career opportunities for individuals. Further, it adds more value to an individual's career and extends their success in the digital aspects.


What are the consequences of not following ServiceNow's exam policies and processes?

There may be serious consequences needed to face for not following the ServiceNow’s exam policies and processes laid down. These may include disqualifying from the test and candidate’s certification cancellation.

What are the prerequisites for obtaining the ServiceNow CTA certification?

There are many prerequisites to obtain this ServiceNow certification for individuals. These include:

  • At least two other certifications related to ServiceNow.
  • A minimum of five years of work experience in the IT industry.
  • Successful completion of review process (interview and practical skills) that tests individual’s technical and design skills.


What does the ServiceNow Certified Technical Architect certification validate?

The CTA Certification validates an individual’s knowledge of developing and applying the complex of ServiceNow. This is a highest level certification among the various technical certifications available within the ServiceNow domain. Further, it supports an individual’s skills and ability to design and build many complex ServiceNow solutions.


What is the Certified Implementation Specialist - Service Mapping (CIS-SM) certification?

Professionals responsible for successful execution of ServiceNow Service Mapping solutions are the target audience for the CIS-SM or Certified Implementation Specialist - Service Mapping certification. These credentials act as a testament to their knowledge and ability to use the ServiceNow platform's Service Mapping application with efficiency. Companies may locate and visualize the complex links between different IT elements and services with the help of service mapping.

By getting this credential, individuals will get the ability of their skills in using Service Mapping. This allows companies to identify and map these key connections in the IT structure.

Servicenow Administration & Developer 

Weekday / Weekend Batches

What is the Certified Implementation Specialist-Asset Management (CIS-AM) certification and what topics does it cover?

The CIS-AM Certificate or Certified Implementation Specialist-Asset Management is specially designed for the aspirants and individuals engaged in applying ServiceNow Assest Management solutions. It validates their skills and expertise in effectively implementing and handling Asset Management processes in ServiceNow.

The CIS-AM certification exam pattern covers a wide range of topics on asset management. The topics it covers tracking assets, systematic monitoring, asset documentation, etc., across the lifecycle. It also includes SAM that mainly focuses on managing software permits and HAM-hardware asset management covering physical assets.

However, this certification helps aspirants and individuals to gain expertise to efficiently track, maintain, and optimize the software as well as hardware assets in a company.


What is the Certified Implementation Specialist - IT Business Management (CIS-ITBM) certification and what topics does it cover?

A professional qualification that is essential for those who put IT Business Management solutions into practice is the CIS-ITBM credential. Its purpose is to certify their proficiency in a range of IT business management topics.

A wide range of subjects necessary for an effective execution of IT business management are covered in this certification. Project management (PM) that deals with the effective organizing, ranking, and carrying out of projects inside a company's IT portfolio, is one of these subjects. Another area of focus is resource management, which includes effectively allocating and using resources to maximize output and satisfy project objectives. Another important issue in IT business management projects is financial management. It involves managing financial factors like predicting, cost evaluation, and budgeting.

Apart from these, the CIS-ITBM credentials also consist of various subject areas. Most of them may cover IT Governance to build solid frameworks and methods that assure the effective management, control, and making decisions of IT startups. Demand Management, Managing Service Requests, Managing Configuration, and Vendor Management are other key topics to learn here.
Further, this certification allows individuals to gain expertise to implement ITBM solutions effectively. It also helps operational excellence in the companies they work.


What is the Certified ServiceNow Developer (CSND) certification and what topics does it cover?

Those who are in charge of creating complex, unique apps on the ServiceNow platform are the target audience for the CSND certification. The certification is intended for those with a high level of expertise in API development, integrations, and scripting in the ServiceNow ecosystem.

Many subjects pertaining to ServiceNow development are covered in the CSND certification. These subjects cover UI development, online services, data model design, complex scripting, and integrations.

There are two exams that need to be cleared to get the CSND certification for individuals. These exams assist individuals to test their skills throughout different topics of developing ServiceNow. The exams may include MCQs, and performance-level tests. Further, it includes various aspects like integrations, advanced scripting, developing APIs, web services, building UIs, designing data models, etc.


What is the Certified Implementation Specialist - Event Management (CIS-EM) certification and what topics does it cover?

For individuals responsible for designing and applying ServiceNow EM solutions into practice, there is a certification called CIS-EM. The primary goal of this credential is to provide candidates with the knowledge needed to properly install and oversee the ServiceNow platform's Event Management application.

A thorough exam covering a wide range of topics relevant to EM services, fixing issues, and installation must be passed in order to get the CIS-EM certification.

The CIS-EM certification exam covers all the key learnings of the application of ServiceNow EM. It consists of learning about event sources, including locating and combining multiple event sources to the ServiceNow platform. Knowing event laws that specify the guidelines and criteria for handling events inside the system, is also necessary.

This certification exam includes MCQ pattern and performance-based tests to assess the individual’s knowledge and skills of ServiceNow EM application. In addition, the test covers alert processing, which comprises knowing how the Event Management application produces, classifies, and properly processes alerts. Thus, This certification builds individual’s confidence to gain expertise in applying ServiceNow EM solutions effectively.


What is the Certified Implementation Specialist - Discovery (CIS-DIS) certification and what topics does it cover?

For those who design and put ServiceNow Discovery solutions into practice, there is a certification called CIS-DIS. This certification covers a wide range of topics and focuses on different parts of the ServiceNow Discovery app.
The certification exam on CIS-DIS covers multiple skills and topics that make you an expert. These are troubleshooting, integration, and discovery administration. It tests the expertise needed to apply ServiceNow Discovery products in an efficient manner.

Further, to get the CIS-DIS certification, learners should clear only one exam that tests your skills in different aspects. These include network protocols, sensors, patterns, probes, and discovery processes related to ServiceNow Discovery. The pattern of CIS-DIS certification exam also includes MCQs like other exams which test your knowledge including practical skills.
After these credentials, you can effectively implement solutions of ServiceNow Discovery and explain your proficiency in application’s various elements.



Due to the use of automation in business areas extremely, there are multiple products available within ServiceNow. This platform offers multiple courses and certifications to master various needs that enhance your career. Hence, ServiceNow Certifications will not only help you build a solid career in ITBM but also keep you separate from your peers in knowledge and skills. Therefore, you can design and develop effective business solutions.

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