ServiceNow Certification

ServiceNow is one of the major ITSM tools available in the market. The cloud-hosted IT management platform acts as a key role in business management and maintains IT infrastructure in today's leading enterprises. The IT professionals can pursue this course after gaining access to these ServiceNow credentials which drives their career path into their IT service management. There are mainly three certification paths in ServiceNow career for customers and partners who work with and use ServiceNow products or services. These three certifications comprise the Certified Systems Administrator (CSA), Certified Implementation Specialist (CIS) and Certified Application Developer(CAD). The aspirants can also own product-specific certifications through courses offered on each different path.

The prerequisites courses will be offered to the aspirants before they get registered to take a certification exam. These courses are offered through certified ServiceNow instructors in various formats. The instructors would teach the course to the aspirants in-person by offering a hands-on environment that can be either public or private depending upon the needs. The courses will be taught over virtual classes that are conducted online which provide access to a live instructor. It also provides the options for the aspirants to choose on-demand courses that offer videos, live and recorded webinars and other interactive tools to explore their own pace. Third-party courses are also available through authorized ServiceNow training providers, which include exam vouchers along with training materials.

The course is designed to shape the aspirants with the skills and career goals that drive their certification path. Each certification has individual courses and it falls under its own learning path, the aspirants are allowed to choose their specific products that would align their career.


What does it mean to get Certified


Getting certified with ServiceNow makes the aspirants to get benefited in terms of gaining the industrial recognition, ability to differentiate the competitiveness, ensuring the greater productivity and results, increasing the user community satisfaction and other tangible measures of their educational investment.


Growing and Expanding


The training and certification plays a big part in the approach of customer success. The training and certification has become an evolving factor of all time that meets the needs of the aspirants in building their career. There are plenty of online training options available for the aspirants to explore the ways to incorporate the micro-certifications, launching a mastery-level program and creating broader tools and templates which the aspirants can use themselves.


What certification path is right for you?


There are three major paths of certifications available in ServiceNow. The implementer, developer and administrator.


Servicenow Administration & Developer Training

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  • Real-world & Project Based Learning

Implementer Path

With an implementer certification path, the aspirants will learn to deploy the platform within a defined scope of work. The ServiceNow implementer path course enables the teaching to learn quickly and successfully deploy ServiceNow products into customer environments, whether the aspirant is a new consultant starting their career or a seasoned professional looking to deepen their expertise and differentiate themselves from the competition. 


Developer path


The developer certification path makes the aspirants gain mastery over the specialization in configuration, scripting, and integrations. In the path of becoming a certified application developer (CAD), the aspirants would learn how to create applications by designing application tables, creating and implementing forms, controlling access, and integrating workflows into applications. The aspirants would get specialized in a product and will learn to take full advantage of the Now Platform.

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Administrators Path


The administrators path enables the aspirants to manage and maintain the Platform. The aspirants would discover the most essential elements of managing and maintaining the Now Platform.


CSA ( Certified Systems Administrator )


The ServiceNow Systems Administrator Certification Exam validates the aspirants’ ability to manage, configure and implement the ServiceNow platform. This certification lays the foundation for everything the aspirants need to know about ServiceNow before proceeding on to other courses or certifications paths. This is an entry-level certification with few prerequisites, but it’s recommended that the aspirants have experience working with ServiceNow products.

The CSA exam comprises 60 questions that covers five specific learning domains that each account for a percentage of the exam. The exam focuses on the topics which include user interface and navigation (20%), collaboration (10%), database administration (30%), service automation (30%) and introduction to scripting and application tools (10%).

Audience: ServiceNow customers, partners, sales engineers and others aspirants who are interested in becoming a ServiceNow Certified System Administrator.

Product certifications: CSM, HR, ITBM, ITOM, ITSM and Platform.

Prerequisites: At least six months of hands-on experience with ServiceNow and experience with database concepts and system management, IT help desk processes and incident, problem and change workflows.

Required courses: ServiceNow Fundamentals.

Duration: 90-minutes.


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CIS ( Certified Implementation Specialist )


The Certified Implementation Specialist certification is the portion of the implementer path and comprises six specialized certifications that are each aligned with specific ServiceNow products. Specialized certifications on this path include Service Mapping, Service Management, Financial Management, HR, Customer Service Management, Security and Vulnerability Response. Each path requires its own set of courses and training to own the product-specific certifications.

The CIS exam consists the questions on multiple-choice and multiple-selection that cover five learning domains that each account for a certain percentage of the exam. The exam focuses on the topics which include engagement methodology and project planning (10%), core system setup (30%), security (10%), tuning and performance (20%) and configuration (30%).

Audience: ServiceNow employee and ServiceNow partners.

Product certifications: CSM, HR, ITBM, ITOM, ITSM, Security Operations, Software Asset Management.

Prerequisites: ServiceNow Certified Systems Administrator certification, ITIL v3 Foundations certification and experience with at least two end-to-end ServiceNow deployment projects.

Required courses: ServiceNow System Administration, Advance System Administration, Implementation Bootcamp and Scripting.

Duration: 90-minutes.


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CAD (Certified Application Developer)

The Certified Application Developer (CAD) certification comprises the topics which validates the aspirants’ ability to design applications, including the user interface, using business and database logic. The aspirants’ would be comprehending how to write, test and debug client-side and server-side scripts, manage applications, implement application security and automate applications using multiple products. Successful CAD aspirants can also design and implement a user interface while taking into account requirements, usability, form, design, platforms and scripts.

The CAD exam consists of 60 questions that focus on six specific learning domains that each account for a certain percentage of the exam. These include design and creating an application (15%), application user interface (20%), security and restricting access (20%), application automation (20%), working with external data (10%) and managing applications (15%).

Audience: ServiceNow customers, partners, sales engineers and anyone else interested in earning this level of certification.

Product certifications: All products.

Prerequisites: None are required, but it’s suggested you become a Certified ServiceNow System Administrator. It’s also recommended that you have hands-on experience with application development and systems administration.

Recommended courses: Courses are not required, but it’s recommended you take ServiceNow Fundamentals, Scripting in ServiceNow and ServiceNow Application Creation.

Duration: 90-minutes

Servicenow Administration & Developer 

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CAS (Certified Application Specialist)

The ServiceNow Certified Application Specialist certifies a successful aspirant whose skills and knowledge can perform the configuration, implementation, and maintenance of a ServiceNow Performance Analytics solution. This certification is computer-based which consists of multiple-choice questions delivered by ServiceNow testing partner Kryterion, conducted in a proctoring environment. The exam also has Online proctoring service. The appointments are made in advance or on the actual test day, subject to availability. 

The CAS exam consists of 60 questions on multiple-choice and multiple-selection that focus on six specific learning domains that each account for a certain percentage of the exam. This includes the topics of Architecture and Deployment (10%), Configure indicators and indicator sources (26%), configure breakdowns and breakdown sources (22%), data collection (12%), data visualization(23%), administration and solutions (7%).

Audience: ServiceNow customers, partners, employees, and other practitioners interested in becoming ServiceNow Performance Analytics Certified Specialists.

Prerequisites: ServiceNow Fundamentals, Performance Analytics Essentials, KPI Composer Overview, Performance Analytics Fundamentals, Responsive Dashboards Overview, Performance Analytics Widgets, Formula Indicators Overview, Performance Analytics Advanced.

Required courses: It is recommended to take CAS-performance analytical tests.

Duration: 90-minutes.



As the business is moving towards automation to make the process quick, there are plenty of products available under ServiceNow which offers various courses to master the needs and the specifications of each certification path. ServiceNow Certifications not only builds your career into the IT Business Management platform but also delivers you with the suitable knowledge to differentiate you from the competitors and develops the skills and knowledge that are required to define the future scope to build the infrastructure for any organization.