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ServiceNow is a powerful platform with critical qualities which drives current businesses to be executed quicker and turn out to be more versatile. It provides various integrations for its clients, and has received it as a flexible business apparatus. ServiceNow Integration administrations assures abilities which make it simple for ventures to use consistent incorporations into the platform. These integrations can empower the association to additionally expand the capacities of the firm while providing a huge number of choices to build functionalities and utilize it all the more ingeniously. ServiceNow provides integrations to third party apps and even gives design directions to enacting modules. The new Kingston rendition is the form which supports prevailing and new integrations for organizations.


  • Disentangle integrations by avoiding expensive and intricate outside integration devices and merging them onto the Now Platform. 
  • Drive integration velocity and profitability with a system which permits designers to make and distribute integrations and parts for re-use by anybody. 
  • Associate workflows to the applications you require by means of an always expanding off-the-rack Spokes to well known business applications and frameworks of record. 
  • Make reusable integration activities to mechanize any business cycle. 
  • Stretch out flows to the center firm frameworks, for example, CRM, with no code. 
  • Make dynamic contributions at configuration time with API contemplation.
  • A versatile distribute- find- reuse system empowers IT to support speed and efficiency and enables the marketing with a developing arrangement of codeless combinations for famous business applications. 
  • Simply integrates mainstream business applications with out- of -the box integrations in the ServiceNow store. 
  • No code change capacities for simpler information pill changes. 
  • Quickly adds incorporations in Flow designers with no code.

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Types of Integrations

  1. Jira Integration : Arranging projects, allocating functions, following advancement or delivering results, Jira integration is one among the favored integration in programming for handling projects. By utilizing Kingston, robotizing your organization's methods are attainable through Jira incorporation. Organizations can viably converse with business zones, computerize work processes and screen problems in a split second using ServiceNow Jira Integration. 
  2. LDAP Integration : A LDAP integration permits your instance to utilize your current LDAP server  as the expert origin of client information. Administrators incorporate a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) index to smooth out the client login methods and to robotize authoritative undertakings, for example, making clients and relegating them jobs. LDAP incorporation is important for a solitary sign-on execution. The integration utilizes the LDAP administration account accreditations to recover the client distinguished name (DN) from the LDAP server. The DN esteem for the client is provided, the combination at that point rebinds LDAP with the client's DN and password. The password which the client enters is included totally in the HTTPS meeting. The integration doesn’t store LDAP passwords. The combination utilizes a read only association which does not connect with the LDAP catalog. The integration inquiries for data, and afterward refreshes its inner database as needs be.
  3. Azure Integration : Azure, a Microsoft laaS item which gives cloud-based administrations to clients to construct, send, and operate designed applications. It will assist organizations with improving occasion handling and general IT activities management. Kingston's new Azure Integration permits Azure as an information source which catches event data from the platform. 
  4. Splunk Integration : Splunk is one of the most preferred applications for some engineers which assist them with dissecting large information layers, measurements and analyzing issues also. Kingston form presently permits Splunk integration to enhance incident perceivability and examination for such clients. By blending your Splunk app with ServiceNow, you can add additional security functions to your current innovation.
  5. Slack Integration : Associations could operate workflows, increment correspondence among groups and permit better admittance to data utilizing Slack Integration. Moreover, you will profit by an improved correspondence channel between clients to address customer profile data quicker. 

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  6. Salesforce Integration : Ventures which are utilizing Salesforce programming will profit by ServiceNow integration with Salesforce as it provides more visibility and association with CSM information. Endeavors can undoubtedly coordinate their current Salesforce cases, clients, records, and openings with Kingston. Organizations can even import their information from ServiceNow to Salesforce programming. 
  7. Communication Integration : ServiceNow's communication integration can assist organizations with cutting edge choices for online chatting, telephone, and email automation. The new Kingston variant consolidates these basic types of client correspondence to permit client support collaborations and snappy admittance to data by utilizing the ServiceNow Phone Integration, ServiceNow Email Integration, Email and Calendar Integration, and ServiceNow Chat Integration.

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ServiceNow Kingston Integration Hub Capabilities

ServiceNow Integration Hub will authorize an activity using third-party APIs being a piece of a flow when an occurrence happens. This integration is called as spokes, that are highlighted to right away add ground-breaking activities without requiring a script. For example, you will have the option to post a message and occurrence subtleties in a Slack channel when a high need incident is made. Integration Hub utilizes aliases to operate association data and qualifications while incorporating with outside frameworks. Utilizing such pseudonyms will assist with wiping out the requirement to arrange different credentials and association data profiles while utilizing various environs. 

ServiceNow Integration Hub furnishes measure proprietors and developers with the following advantages: 

  • Incorporates business measures with other outside frameworks by expanding Flow Designer. 
  • Consequently advances measure mechanization by empowering specialists to create and impart spokes to Flow Designers. 
  • Gives rationale of common language portrayals of incorporations to oblige non-specialized clients to comprehend the triggers, activities, information sources, and outcomes.

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Integration to third-party Apps

ServiceNow incorporates numerous third party applications and information sources. The most well-known integrations are with Incident Management, CMDB, Change Management, User Administration, Problem Management, and Single Sign-on. An assortment of procedures can be utilized, most strikingly JDBC, Web Services, Excel, LDAP, Email, and CSV, just as any industry standard advances that utilizes REST,  SOAP, or WSDL. Moreover, API and order line integrations should be possible utilizing a MID Server. 

The ServiceNow platform depends on SOA, service-oriented architecture in which all information articles could utilize web administrations to get to bi-directional information level integration. The interface is additionally immediate and dynamic since all adjustments to existing articles and all new items are naturally distributed as a Direct Web Service. Scripted Web Service strategy is accessible for characterizing measure based web administrations, where information is unimportant, yet serves more as a trigger for methods or a collection of activities which operates at the server. It provides a rich interface for stacking outer information utilizing import sets. Utilizing this component, you can stack from different information sources. There are times when you discover you require  to play out a particular integration between your instance and another ServiceNow instance.

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Advanced workflows regularly include numerous assorted applications, platforms, and information. IntegrationHub empowers engineers, IT generalists, and method examiners to stretch out flow in the Flow Designer to any outsider assistance and effectively make end‑end digital work processes. Organizations can without much of a stretch grow their capacities utilizing the integrations and give brilliant client self-administration portas for client assistance. These integrations will also permit the clients to handle problems by availing a few administrations identified with data.