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Today, let us learn about Sailpoint and Cyberark. Both Sailpoint and Cyberark are IAM tools. But what an IAM tool is? Why do we use Sailpoint and Cyberark? What is the difference between Sailpoint and Cyberark? Let us know about all these things in detail in this post. IAM stands for Identity Access Management. IAM is also called IdM (Identity Management). It is a tool that enables the right individuals to access the right resources for the right reasons at the right time. IdM deals with issues like how users acquire an identity, protecting the identity, and the technologies that support that protection.

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What is Sailpoint?

SailPoint is a provider of identity and access management that assists organizations in providing and managing user access from anywhere. Sailpoint offers four distinct solutions. They are:

Sailpoint IdentityIQ:

It is a flagship identity governance solution of Sailpoint that offers integrated identity governance abilities that include access requests, compliance controls, password management, and provisioning.

SailPoint IdentityNow:

It is a complete cloud-based identity governance solution which provides access requests, provisioning, access certification services, and password management for on-premises, cloud, and mobile applications.

Sailpoint SecurityIQ:

It is a solution that expands the Sailpoint identity governance platform by enabling companies to find and control access of sensitive data stored on files that improve their ability to deal with the growing threat to the security of unstructured data that is stored in files and documents.

Sailpoint IdentityAI:

It is an identity analytics solution that gives the client the exposure they need to understand the risk involved in user access by identifying abnormal behaviors that may indicate a violation and by concentrating their governance controls to govern identities more effectively.

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What is Cyberark?

CyberArk is mainly a security tool used to secure privileged accounts by the management of passwords. It Protects the privileged accounts of organizations by automatically retaining passwords. Protects the privileged accounts of organizations by automatically retaining passwords. By using the CyberArk tool, we can store and maintain data by turning the credentials on all important accounts that help to defend hacking and malware threats effectively. So Cyberark is used in sectors like healthcare, energy, retail, financial services, etc.

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Features of Sailpoint

  • Access request management
  • Compliance control
  • Password management
  • Automated provisioning
  • Account management
  • Role management
  • Identity Governance for files

Features of Cyberark

  • Industrial Control Systems Security
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • IT Audit and Reporting
  • Windows Security
  • Cloud & Virtualization Security
  • DevOps Security
  • Confidential File Security
  • Unix/Linux Security
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
  • Remote Vendor Access Security
  • Insider Threat Protection

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Benefits of Sailpoint

Sailpoint's key benefits include:


The identity of your data and applications can be enabled. It protects your organization against possible data leakage from inside or attempts to breach data from outside.


SailPoint allows you to find out who is doing what and who is accessing what. Knowing these identity details will give you greater confidence and reduce anxiety about losing or stealing your data.

Password management:

With the help of a password management tool, you will have the ability to change passwords and reset forgotten passwords. All your company's passwords are also securely backed up, making them very easy to retrieve at all times. As a result, you save time when you require access to accounts with password protection. You can also implement security protocols or restore default settings. It will reduce the burden for IT personnel and customer service agents.

Risk mitigation:

In case of a problem, you can reduce the risks by using Sailpoint to immediately reveal who altered, deleted, or copied specific data on your servers and takes measures to stop it.

Mobile support:

You can store your information in the cloud. One advantage of this provider is, it allows you to access the software through your mobile device when you cannot use your laptop.

Compliance Control:

The provider offers compliance controls which enable you to apply financial control policies and user access policies, among other things

Benefits of Cyberark

Cyberark's key benefits include:


It is sufficiently versatile to offer the granularity level and additional protocols required for verification. This level of flexibility makes it easier to implement a corporate security policy based on privileged accounts. Changes required to audit requirements are consistent with password complexity as well as other factors.

Ensures accountability:

It eliminates user anonymity when using shared preferred accounts. Because of this, it will be easier to trace the responsible party whenever an issue needs to be addressed.

Automates various tasks:

A way CyberArk Privileged Password Management and Control is able to secure passwords, accounts, networks, and devices is to automate the whole life cycle management process. The results in an increased workflow rate that allows users to concentrate on urgent issues more time.

Generates secure and thorough audit reports:

CyberArk is capable of creating and generating a very detailed audit report on the documents and accesses of each privileged account. Apart from this, any privileged activities can also be reviewed. All these things can be generated for use in forensic analysis and audit proofing. The integrity of the records is maintained as the data is all stored in a very secure repository that cannot be altered. The data repository is designed to protect its content against reconfiguration, unauthorized access, and removal of logs.

Complete privilege control:

CyberArk Privileged Password Management and Control administrators have full control over each privileged user's access and abilities. CyberArk provides administrators with the tools to modify, define and restrict access to some privileged users. User access rights may be limited to their 'need-to-know,' or they may also be granted based on how administrators have decided how it must be.

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In this post, we have learned about two IAM tools Sailpoint and Cyberark, and their benefits and features. I hope the information provided above is useful. If you find anything to be added or anything is missing, you can drop a comment in the comment section.

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