Sailpoint Training in USA IdentityIQ Course

Accelerate your career with advanced IAM and security skills through the best Sailpoint Training in USA. It is prepared as per the latest standards of industry with the help of experts covering all the key concepts. It covers the basics of SailPoint, IAM Learn SailPoint platform's usage and developing IAM solutions with our hand.....s-on practical training. Further, you will get complete support from our expert trainers who will teach you exceptionally with all the scenarios. So, enroll now in the best Sailpoint Course in USA and improve your career. Read more

Course Duration: 30 Hours

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Training Highlights

Innovative Structure

Learning sailpoint will help to enhance your career growth to a great extent.

Innovative Structure

Moreover, there is a great demand for the certified sailpoint professionals all over the world and are paid with high salary packages.

Innovative Structure

Sailpoint comes with several modules in order to pursue different certifications that will be helpful to get the top in top MNCs.

Get Your Dream Job With Our SailPoint Training In USA

Sailpoint Training USA - Course Content

  • Introduction to SailPoint Platform
  • Understand IAM and IIQ Concepts
  • Modules & Features of SailPoint
  • Learn Identity Mapping concepts and Data Collection
  • Identity Cube introduction
  • Understand Workgroups and Apps
  • Understand SailPoint Market Trends
  • SailPoint Product Installing
  • Concepts of Compliance Manager and IIQ
  • Basics and Configuration of LifeCycle Manager
  • LifeCycle Manager features
  • IdentityIQ Linking
  • Process of Access Request
  • Setting Full-text searching
  • Install IIQ & configure
  • Define IdentityIQ
  • Extented Attributes Concepts
  • Access the Console of IIQ
  • Configure - Email and Audit
  • Concepts of Syslog, Log4J, and App Configuration
  • SailPoint VM concepts
  • Systems Supported
  • Databases Supported
  • Integration Tools
  • Virtual Box's usage and learn about Limitations
  • SailPoint Platform Application and its Configuration
  • Edit Application
  • Reconfiguration of Application
  • Onboarding Process of Application
  • Onboarding Authoritative App
  • Onboarding Non-Authoritative App
  • Okta Application
  • Learn about Active Directory
  • Management of IIQ App Password
  • LDAP and JDBC Apps
  • Logical and Multiplex Apps
  • Understand SailPoint reporting
  • Configure Reports and Develop Custom reports
  • Learn about the My Reports tab and Editing Report Page
  • Concepts of Scheduled Reports Tab, Sailapoint Report Forms and Definitions
  • Presenting XML view of Reports and Instances
  • Overview of Risk Model (RM) Identity
  • Understand IIQ policy and Risk Policy
  • Understand App Level Risk
  • What are SOD Policies?
  • Learn about Policy Types
  • Identify and Manage various Policy Violations
  • Understand the rules of Policy and targeted observation
  • Concepts of Account Policy, Activity Policies, and Advanced Policy
  • What is a Role?
  • Define RBAC
  • Understand Key Concepts and Role Modeling
  • Manage Role Mining
  • Configure Logging and Options
  • Debug Page and its Best Practices
  • Structure of IIQ Reporting
  • What are Workflows?
  • Glossary of SailPoint Workflow
  • Workflow objects and other Key Concepts
  • Operations of Workflow and IIQ Default Workflows
  • Understand Workflow cases, variables, steps, and approvals
  • How to trigger Workflows?
  • Troubleshoot Workflow
  • What are tasks?
  • Steps to build tasks
  • Tasks Categories and Scheduling
  • Gathering account groups
  • Understand Certifications and Certification Types
  • Certifications Lifecycle and Configurations
  • Understand Entitlement and App owner
  • Composition and Manager certification
  • Advanced certification and Membership certification

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Sailpoint Training in USA Options

We follow four formats for SailPoint training for the flexibility of our students

Batchwise Online Training
Batchwise Training

A batch of some single-digit count students are assigned to a faculty.



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One-on-One Online Training
One-One Training

One student is assigned to one faculty at some fixed customized time of the student.


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Self-Paced Online Training
Self-Paced Training

Videos of previous classes are shared with the students. It also includes clarification of the doubts at the end of the class.

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Corporate Training
Corporate Training

Our expert faculty team visits corporates and takes sessions.



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Sailpoint Training in USA Objectives

ITCanvass has developed the Sailpoint Training in USA program through industry experts in this domain. It covers all the essential concepts of SailPoint with hands-on practical training and expert support.

  • IT Professionals
  • IT/Software Testers
  • Software Developers
  • Aspirants interested in learning SailPoint Platform
  • Project Managers

After completing the SailPoint Training in USA successfully, you will be proficient in the following areas:

  • Basics of SailPoint IAM platform and its various uses.
  • SailPoint architecture and its various features.
  • Onboarding process of different useful apps.
  • Clarity on IIQ and IAM concepts.
  • Detecting bugs and errors and performing troubleshooting.
  • Understand SailPoint lifecycle manager.

The SailPoint Online Training at ITcanvass is provided by industry-experienced faculty with more than ten years of training expertise.

After completing this online course at ITCanvass, we will provide you with a valid SailPoint Course completion certificate. You can add it to your profile and explore various career opportunities in the IAM field. It is highly recognized across the industry.

  • Get an updated SailPoint curriculum with advanced career-oriented skills.
  • Learn SailPoint hands-on, including real-time projects through expert support.
  • Access our Sailpoint training videos and other learning resources at our ITcanvass portal.
  • Get trained by experienced professionals and resolve all the queries of the IAM platform.
  • Become a skilled expert with our SailPoint Certification Training and explore careers well.

This SailPoint Training and Placement program is delivered by the expert trainers of industry having over ten years of experience.

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Sailpoint Online Training in USA - Projects

This project teaches you to work and explore the capabilities of SailPoint platform to integrate various third-party services and apps. You need to choose the appropriate app with which you are looking to integrate and configure Sailpoint and to provision users and app access.

This project in SailPoint training path helps you look after the multiple abilities of SailPoint REST API to integrate and automate processes. Also, you will build some great apps that link with SailPoint API to execute routine jobs of identity management.

Sailpoint Certification

Earning a certification gives a boost to your career and enhances your chances of getting more opportunities. Upon successful completion of our SailPoint training and certification program, you will receive a recognized course completion certificate from us. This is a valid certification across the industry and helps you explore various career opportunities in IAM and IT security. 

Further, we will assist you in preparing the SailPoint certification exam through expert support. In this regard, we will provide you access to all the necessary learning resources, materials, Sailpoint training videos, tutorials, etc. So, you can prepare well and clear this certification exam.


 SailPoint Training In USA

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About SailPoint Trainer

About SailPoint Trainer

Our SailPoint Trainers are well industry-experienced and good subject matter experts. Moreover, our trainers are spread globally and have excellent industry exposure. They are also experts in handling various SailPoint modules in a customized way as per business needs. Further, our trainers well understand the business & client requirements, an.....d they train students based on these criteria. So that they can utilize these skills in solving real-time issues and implement them in the industry, this will build confidence in learners and give a boost to their upcoming careers. Read more

Sailpoint Training FAQ's

SailPoint Training is an in-depth course delivered by expert trainers to make you an expert in the SailPoint IAM platform. It covers all the essential skills related to Identityiq and access management in more detail.

If you missed any SailPoint Online Training class at ITcanvass, you will get a video recording of the session. It will help you recall your missed lessons and clear your queries the next day.

If you have additional queries even after the SailPoint Developer Training, you can contact our sales support team.

Our SailPoint training path covers both theoretical and practical learning skills from basics to advanced. Further, it includes hands-on SailPoint projects and certification preparation guidance.

SailPoint offers different technologies and controls to secure the network along with IPS, firewalls, VPN, monitoring, etc. It all forms the part of Cybersecurity that controls the link between trusted and unknown networks.

Java is the principle language behind the SaliPoint IIQ and IAM solutions development.

Thomas Bravo is the parent organization of SailPoint Technologies Holdings Inc., a leading identity security platform.

SailPoint was founded in 2005 to address the leading security flaws in the organization's network.

It uses Java programming language to develop SailPoint solutions.

Sailpoint is a robust tool to manage identity security, passwords, user credentials and access permissions within an organization.

The headquarters of Sailpoint is Austin, Texas, in the USA.

Sailapoint CIEM is a cloud-based solution that secures cloud infrastructure management while managing Sailpoint identity security.

The codebase that helps to develop developer documentation is open-source and accepts various contributions. Further, SailPoint is increasing its investment in making it open-source.

SailPoint is a leading software company that offers identity management solutions.

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Sailpoint Training Reviews

They offered me every resource to learn and gain expertise in the Sailpoint IAM platform in real-tim.....e. Their dedication and teaching efforts were excellent and the trainer of Sailpoint Course delivered the entire content professionally. Also, it helped me to achieve a successful career. Read more

- Abhijith

Thanks to ITcanvass and team for supporting in my learning. This SailPoint online training was cover.....ed with all the essential skills and concepts with expert support. Their hands-on exercises and real-time projects helped me gain expert skills and become an IAM professional. Read more

- Suresh Reddy

This SailPoint training program of ITcanvass left me with advanced skills in Identity and access man.....agement, IIQ, and more. I am fully satisfied with their course content, modern teaxhning methods, and hands-on training. It was overall a nice experience for me. Thank you! Read more

- Madhu

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We build our institute intending to build master skills in students on the ServiceNow platform in all domains, also to help businesses in the smooth functioning of their workflows in a cost-effective and fast way.

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