ServiceNow Certified Technical Architect Certification Training

ITCanvass offers the best ServiceNow Certified Technical Architect Training with hands-on practical skills. Our Training covers all the essential skills related to ServiceNow CTA, including the basics of the ServiceNow platform, CSA, CAD, and certifications of ServiceNow (ITSM, HR, Discovery, ITOM, etc.), and more. Get complete from the ITCanvass instructors from the industry with over 9+ years of expertise. Our practical Training, including real-time CTA projects, will give you expertise in this ServiceNow module. Learn with flexible training options at an affordable course fee of CTA with access to learning resources. So, enroll today in this ServiceNow Certified Technical Architect Course and become a ServiceNow expert. Read more

Course Duration: 15 Hours

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ServiceNow Certified Technical Architect Certification Training Highlights

Innovative Structure

A Certified Technical Architect in ServiceNow analyzes and converts business data and technical needs into ServiceNow architectural designs.

Innovative Structure

Many top companies, like PwC, Wipro, IBM, Accenture, etc., hire skilled ServiceNow CTAs by paying good salaries. There is a good demand for CTAs. 

Innovative Structure

A ServiceNow Certified Technical Architect earns up to Rs. 20LPA in India on average. In the US, they make up to $172K p.a.

Get master in rare and demanding skill in business workflows.

ServiceNow Certified Technical Architect Certification Training Curriculum

  • ServiceNow Platform Overview
  • ServiceNow Architecture
  • Understanding the ServiceNow Technical Architect role
  • Basics of ServiceNow modules & components
  • Understand key concepts of ServiceNow: Tables-Records-Forms-Fields
  • ServiceNow Development Methodology Overview
  • What is the ServiceNow data model?
  • ServiceNow Configuration Management
  • Management of Users and Groups 
  • Know about roles and permissions
  • Understand ServiceNow UI policies - UI actions - Client scripts
  • Concepts of Advanced scripting with Glide API
  • Building custom Scripts and UI pages
  • Understand AngularJS in ServiceNow
  • Scripting best practices 
  • Concepts of performance optimization
  • Automated testing concepts
  • What is ServiceNow Application Development?
  • Create and configure ServiceNow apps
  • Overview of business rules - script includes - workflows
  • Building custom tables & fields
  • ServiceNow integrations and web services Overview
  • ServiceNow Administration Tasks Overview
  • Managing Users - Roles - Groups 
  • Configuration and maintenance of the ServiceNow instance
  • Introduction to the ServiceNow upgrade process
  • Backup and recovery Strategies
  • ServiceNow performance considerations
  • Identifying and resolving performance issues
  • Best practices and techniques of Scalability
  • Performance monitoring 
  • Performance tuning 
  • Overview of the ServiceNow security model
  • What is RBAC in ServiceNow?
  • Understand the ServiceNow GRC module
  • Implementing security best practices
  • ServiceNow Compliance management 
  • Implementation methodologies in ServiceNow
  • Collecting requirements & designing solutions
  • Change management in implementing ServiceNow 
  • Case studies and scenarios
  • Continuous improvement and optimization
  • Introducing ServiceNow reporting tools 
  • Create and customize reports and dashboards
  • Performance Analytics Overview
  • Advanced reporting techniques 
  • Concepts of data visualization

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Modes of Training

We follow four formats for ServiceNow Certified Technical Architect Certification Training for the flexibility of our students

Batchwise Online Training
Batchwise Training

A batch of some single-digit count students are assigned to a faculty.



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One-on-One Online Training
One-One Training

One student is assigned to one faculty at some fixed customized time of the student.


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Self-Paced Online Training
Self-Paced Training

Videos of previous classes are shared with the students. It also includes clarification of the doubts at the end of the class.

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Corporate Training
Corporate Training

Our expert faculty team visits corporates and takes sessions.



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ServiceNow Certified Technical Architect Certification Training Batches

  • 28th Apr

    SAT & SUN
    (Weekend Batch)

    09:30 AM - 12:30 PM IST

  • 2nd May

    MON - FRI

    02:30 PM - 03:30 PM IST

  • 6th May

    MON - FRI

    05:30 PM - 06:30 PM IST

  • 10th May

    MON - FRI

    08:30 PM - 09:30 PM IST

  • 14th May

    MON - FRI

    07:30 PM - 08:30 PM IST

  • 18th May

    SAT & SUN
    (Weekend Batch)

    06:30 PM - 09:30 PM IST

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ServiceNow Certified Technical Architect Certification Training Course Details

The following are the prerequisites for ServiceNow Certified Technical Architect Training;-

  • A minimum experience in ServiceNow Subject Matter Expertise. 
  • Should have experience in any two of the following CIS certifications (HR, Discovery, CSM, ITSM, ITOM, etc.)
  • Knowledge of taking business needs and transforming them into the ServiceNow capabilities.
  • Certification skills in CSA-Certified Administrator Certification and CAD-Certified Application Developer.
  • ServiceNow Developers
  • IT Managers
  • ServiceNow Admins
  • Software Architects
  • Consultants and System Integrators
  • ServiceNow platform overview and administration.
  • Scripting and app development basics.
  • Various ServiceNow concepts, such as ITSM, ITOM, CSA, GRC, CSM, etc.
  • Performance optimization techniques, customizing instances, and more.
  • ServiceNow best practices. 
  • Analyzing complex issues of ServiceNow.
  • Challenges in implementing ServiceNow.

The ServiceNow Certified Technical Architect Certification gives you proven skills and knowledge in designing solutions, performance optimization, etc. This certification also keeps you ahead in the competition and separates you from your non-certified peers. 

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ServiceNow Certified Technical Architect Certification Projects

In this project, you will learn to optimize the platform's performance and customize workflows to enhance the existing implementations of ServiceNow. Further, it will align with the processes of the business and its needs by ensuring higher usability and productivity. 

ServiceNow Certified Technical Architect Certification

Earning a professional certification gives you proven skills in real-time in any technology. The ServiceNow Certified Technical Architect Certification documents your skills, knowledge and education in technical architects of ServiceNow. Upon completion of this online Training, we provide an industry-valid course completion certificate to the learners of ServiceNow CTA. You can use it across the IT industry to apply for various job roles in this domain. Further, we provide learning resources and guidance for the preparation of official ServiceNow certification.


 ServiceNow Certified Technical Architect Certification Training

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ServiceNow Certified Technical Architect Certification Training Advantages

  • Learning ServiceNow Certified Technical Architect Course online provides you with the best skills.
  • You can access course materials and virtual exercises to practice well in your comfort.
  • ServiceNow CTA skills enable you to analyze and convert complex workflows into ServiceNow capabilities.
  • Get real-time knowledge to build relevant solutions and customize workflows and processes in 25-30 hours of intensive learning.
  • Understand ServiceNow implementation best practices and performance optimization techniques.

ServiceNow Certified Technical Architect Certification Trainer

ServiceNow Certified Technical Architect Certification Trainer

Our trainers of ServiceNow Certified Technical Architect Online Course are highly skilled, qualified, and certified professionals. They are passionate teachers with many years of industry experience, and they make learning easier, interactive, and engaging for the learners. They support our trainees of ServiceNow CTA across the Training and help th.....em reach their dream careers in IT. Also, they provide expert-level explanations of each concept and help in hands-on learning.  Read more

ServiceNow Certified Technical Architect Certification Training FAQ's

We provide all our learners with a recorded session of the Training you missed during this ServiceNow CTA Course for your revision.

You can reach out to our customer support team for all your additional queries regarding Service Now CTA that are not addressed here.

Yes, we provide a free demo class for the trainees of ServiceNow CTA before they enroll with us. It helps them to know the trainer's profile, training methodology, and other aspects of the ServiceNow CTA Course.

Generally, the Training will take 25-30 hours to complete, but it may vary with the mode of online Training you opt for. 

These ServiceNow CTAs make around Rs. 20.30 LPA in India on average, and in the USA, they earn up to USD 172K per year. 

Getting ServiceNow certification gives you the best knowledge and ability to prove your skills in real-time. It documents the skills that you learn and practice, which further helps you explore multiple job roles. 

There are many career options available by learning ServiceNow, such as ServiceNow Developer, Administrator, Analyst, Certified Technical Architect, Certified Master Architect, etc. 

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I learned skills practically and went through all the concepts of the ServiceNow Certified Technical..... Architect Course without fail. My trainer was very helpful and supportive throughout the Course. It was nice to gain expertise through real-time projects and virtual practical skills. Read more

- Sowmya

It is a great platform to learn ServiceNow hands-on. I took this Course online from this platform, w.....hich gave me real-time skills. I attended the live online classes here. The trainer was excellent enough to resolve all my doubts and queries. Thanks to all for the support and guidance. Read more

- Bhavya

The ServiceNow CTA Training at ITCanvass was excellent to learn and grow professionally. Their conte.....nt delivery, training approach, and the trainer's explanation were very helpful and supported me well in my learning. I also obtained hands-on skills in the ServiceNow platform. Read more

- Sai

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Why ItCanvass?

ITCanvass is the pioneer in delivering ServiceNow platform services. We covered all perspectives of the ServiceNow platform, which include- Training, consulting, IT support, Job support, remote projects, and resources.

We also covered ServiceNow platform services, whether it is in ITSM, ITOM, Non-IT Services, Asset & Configuration, Planning & Policy.

We build our institute intending to build master skills in students on the ServiceNow platform in all domains, also to help businesses in the smooth functioning of their workflows in a cost-effective and fast way.

  • Professional Trainers

    Professional Trainers

    All our trainers hold real-time experience in handling industry level projects of reputed organizations. They share their expertise and pinpoints where students may get stuck along with solutions to tackle them.


  • 24/7 Support

    24/7 support

    All our team members are connected through an online and cloud platform. We are always ready to support our students and clients at any time. We aim at providing excellence in our service delivery to our students, which covers all perspectives to meet end goals.

  • Instructor Lead


    Our trainers pay special attention to every student in the class. And ensure every class is interactive and all doubts of the students must get manifest in the same class. Our excellency in the subject helps our students in building expertise in the subject.

  • Real time Training

    Real-time Training

    Every class is provided with the lab assignments, which help them in clearing their doubts to encounter while handling real-time projects. We even help our students to work on our clients' real-time projects to get skills like industry experts. So that students are ready for industry deployments.

  • Flexibility


    We schedule classes to our students based on their availability. Every student's time is given priority and helps them to utilize their time completely. Whether students come in a group or individual classes are scheduled to them based on their availability.

  • Lifetime Access

    Lifetime access

    Every class is recorded and shared with the students at the end of the class. Students get to refer to the recorded videos anytime from anywhere throughout their lifetime. They can even use this recording for reference in the future whenever they get any doubt in implementing the real-time projects are preparing for any interviews.