Sailpoint Identity

Sailpoint is an automated version of identity management, as it reduces the cost and complications encountered by the users and provides access to the users. Sailpoint is a mobile device that is lightweight and easy to use. Sailpoint Identity and Access Management (IAM) tool is a framework of policies and technology that authenticates and authorizes access to applications, data, systems, and cloud platforms. IAM tool allows enterprises to automatically create or remove digital identities for users based on the roles they are stepping into. In this article, let us learn about what is Sailpoint Identity & its concepts in detail.

What is Sailpoint Identity?

Sailpoint Identity platform is designed with AI-driven automation, machine learning and analytics to remove complexity and empower your business to make intelligent automated identity decisions. With Sailpoint Identity platform AI services, you can

  • Analyze identity information to gain intelligence and actionable insights about your identity program.
  • Automate the creation and maintenance of new roles that align with the needs of your business.
  • Automate the creation and maintenance of new roles that align with the needs of your business.

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What is Sailpoint IdentityIQ & why is it so popular?

Sailpoint IdentityIQ is a modern, business-oriented, governance-based identity management solution. After completing IAMMP Phase 1 in October 2017, Sailpoint Identity IQ will be used to provide group and role management functionality. In IAMMP phases 2 and 3, Sailpoint IdentityIQ functionality will be expanded to provide additional group and role management features, identity administration and provisioning, password and credential management, risk-based security controls, access request and approval management, access recertification, and enterprise authorization reporting.

Designed to scale to the most sophisticated enterprise requirements, Sailpoint IdentityIQ enables you to gain complete visibility and control of access for all your employees, partners, contractors, and non-human users, including bots.

What is Identity Governance and Administration?

Identity Governance & Administration is commonly defined as the policy-based centralized orchestration of user identity management and access control. Identity governance helps support overall IT security and regulatory compliance. IGA, also known as identity security, is at the centre of IT operations, enabling and securing digital identities for all users, applications and data.

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) enables security administrators to manage user identities and access across the enterprise efficiently. It improves their visibility into identities and access privileges and helps them implement the necessary controls to prevent inappropriate or risky pass. The following are the main functions of IGA.

Automates data collection

  • Reporting
  • Access reviews
  • Ensures access to information

Sailpoint IdentityIQ allows customers to

  • Enable business users to manage access from any device.
  • Centralize visibility and governance controls to reduce risk
  • Boost productivity while reducing costs.

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Competitors and Alternatives to Sailpoint Identity Platform

Let us compare Sailpoint Identity Platform with competitors and alternatives.

Sailpoint Identity Platform vs Okta Lifecycle Management :

  • The Sailpoint Identity Platform is our latest innovation in identity. It incorporates AI and machine learning into the core IdentityNow platform to enhance and accelerate identity-related decisions and tasks.
  • Okta also helps to implement the life cycle that depends on the user and group information. This is also bi-directional in nature and integrates with various HRMS tools.

Sailpoint Identity Platform vs Oracle Identity Manager :

  • Sailpoint Identity Platform is a policy-based technological framework for authenticating and authorizing user access to our applications, data, devices and cloud platforms. Workflow for access requests and the back-end process is excellent. It successfully manages all of the different components of a request and offers the finished request to the provisioning agent as a single record.
  • With Oracle Identity Manager, it was possible to achieve a level of excellence in terms of managing user access to various applications. It became easy and efficient for the IT team to create and grant access to users at several different levels. Oracle Identity Manager is a comprehensive tool that can be customized in multiple ways to meet all business requirements.

Sailpoint Identity Platform vs Saviynt Security Manager :

  • Discover, manage and secure all identities and their access to technology with Sailpoint’s Identity Platform. The system is adaptable enough to meet our complicated business requirements without requiring any modifications to the main system.
  • Saviynt has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Their product has satisfied our business’s demands and will continue to do so depending on the product plan. While the process seems difficult at times, it has been received with a great desire to assist our organization in its success.

Sailpoint Identity Platform vs IBM Security Verify Governance :

  • Sailpoint Identity management uses innovative and unique methods and algorithms to assist us in the creation of an identity-enables organization that connects individuals, apps, data and devices so they can work effectively.
  • IBM Security Verify Governance is a fully functional IGA solution. On the one hand, it contains the ISIM part, which provides great provisioning capabilities and workflow design. ISIM has a lot of out of the box adapters and IBM Security Directory Integrator as a very useful tool for adapter development. On the other hand, it contains an IGI part with an attractive data model, which fits well SoD and access recertification tasks.

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Sailpoint Identity Platform vs One Identity Manager :

  • The user interface and documentation might require some work. To use the search tool well require technical knowledge, and documentation isn’t easily available.
  • One identity manager is an excellent platform for handling and dispatching all access management requests centrally. It is a highly complex product. It takes a long time to implement and learn the product. You can integrate this product with practically everything but only with skilled professionals. One cost-effective identity manager solution is a solid access control program that enables us to maintain several identities on a centralized database and a self-service, accessible gateway.

Sailpoint Identity Platform vs RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle :

  • Sailpoint Identity Platform efficiently manages all of the different components of a request and presents the completed request to the provisioning agent as a single record. Sailpoint provides a great platform to control access and provide in-depth visibility into the organisation's security system.
  • RSA solutions (Audit Management, Policy Management, Risk Management) were implemented as localized modules or as API/libraries under the inhouse-development with the help of a local Russian vendor in one of the largest Russian corporations. RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle is a complete solution for managing digital identities, both inside and outside the enterprise. The RSA covers all governance and identity lifecycle, including provisioning, entitlement assignment, access reconciliation and approval.

Sailpoint Identity Platform vs Symantec I GA :

  • Sailpoint Identity Platform system flexible enough to accommodate our complex business needs without needing to customize the base system. We have been able to add significant functionality to the system to support the business needs by extending the code rather than altering the base code. This has enabled a simple upgrade of the system without having to re-apply code enhancements.
  • Symantec IGA has complete identity management and governance capabilities equipped with a simple, intuitive user experience and helps simplify processes such as user access requests and access certifications. This, in turn, helps in improved productivity and user satisfaction. Bringing on new users and removing existing users when new employees/contractors join or leave an organization can be improved by linking directly to the HR module.

Sailpoint Identity Platform vs Micro Focus NetIQ Identity Manager :

  • Sailpoint Identity Platform is very helpful to the efficiency of the process since the provisioning agent only sees the completed request rather than seeing each component as it is approved. Thus creating complexity for the provisioning agent and impacting the SLAs with what looks like a delay with the provisioning process.
  • Micro Focus NetIQ Identity Manager is a cost-efficient, easy to integrate and flexible solution to many of your data security concerns. NetIQ Identity manager manages the complete identity lifecycle with an identity management foundation that scales to billions of identities. Deliver efficient, consistent and secure access to corporate assets through a single pane of glass.

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Conclusion :

In this blog, we have discussed Sailpoint Identity, Competitors and Alternatives to Sailpoint Identity Platform & Sailpoint IdentityIQ. The Sailpoint Identity platform provides the enterprise with secure and straightforward access and ensures that it is the right access. The Sailpoint Identity allows the enterprise to define and govern access rights to minimize the risk associated with entitlement creep, orphaned accounts and separation of duty and suitability policies. I hope you find this article is very useful.

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