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Improve your career prospects through our SAP Basis Training. IT canvass is the best platform that offers SAP Basis Online Training. We have curated this course as per the current market needs. So you would get the best training that will help you to secure your dream job. Moreover we possess SAP Basis experts to deliver your SA.....P Basis sessions. They would provide you all the skills you need that makes you an expert in SAP Basis concepts. So when you complete this course you will be aware of all the SAP Basis concepts and will be able to easily clear your job interviews. So get SAP Basis Online training and step ahead in your career. Read more

Course Duration: 15 Hours

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SAP Basis Training Course Highlights

Innovative Structure

SAP Basis is a system administration platform which ensures that all SAP systems in the environment function properly and reliably. So various organizations that use SAP need it.

Innovative Structure

SAP can be an incredibly fulfilling career for people who are passionate about business administration and information technology. There are lots of prospects for promotion.

Innovative Structure

In India, the salary for the SAP Basis consultant ranges in between ₹3.2 Lakhs to ₹9.6 Lakhs with an average of ₹5.8 Lakhs per Annum.

Grab the high-level of opportunities you have by learning SAP Basis. Enroll now for SAP Basis Training online

SAP Basis Training Curriculum Details

  • ERP introduction
  • SAP introduction
  • SAP AG: Evolution & Strategy
  • SAP Product Evolution
  • SAP Services Overview (OSS)
  • An introduction to BASIS
  • Operating Systems introduction
  • Database Systems  introduction
  • computer Networks overview
  • Network types & devices
  • Protocol & IP Address concepts
  • Kernel Software  introduction
  • Client / Server Solution
  • Overview of 3 layer interface
  • Types of Client / Server Architectures
  • An introduction to R/3
  • Software Development Overview
  • SAP Landscape Overview
  • Landscape types
  • Lifecycle Implementation concepts
  • SAP R/3 installation elements
  • Installation requirement
  • System sizing
  • Installation of File Systems
  • Installation of RDBMS
  • Installation of SAP Inst tools
  • Installation of central Instance
  • Load Database
  • Installation of Database
  • Installation of Presentation Layer
  • Post installation Activities
  • Start & Stop SAP R/3 Server
  • Directory Structures
  • SAP MMC Overview
  • SAP & Oracle Environment Variables
  • SAP Logon Pad configuration
  • SAP License system Overview
  • Transaction & Dialog step Overview
  • user Administration Overview
  • Managing User Master Records
  • Managing User Groups
  • Mass User Management
  • Managing Logged-on Users
  • Central User Administration
  • System Profiles Overview
  • Operation Modes Overview
  • Background jobs Overview
  • Log-on Load Balancing Overview
  • Memory Management Overview
  • workload monitor Overview
  • Os Collector Overview
  • Performance Management Overview
  • alert monitoring Overview
  • SAP system Pro-Active Health checks
  • Authorization System Overview
  • Maintaining Authorizations
  • Working with Profile Generator
  • Creating Roles
  • Maintaining Org. Levels
  • User Information System
  • Users & Authorization Tables Overview
  • System Profile Parameters for User
  • R/3 client Overview
  • Client Copy methods
  • Client copy Requirements & Process
  • Open / Close R/3 Client
  • RFC Overview
  • Deleting R/3 Client
  • Client Refresh
  • Copying DB Tables among clients
  • change Transport System Overview
  • Transport System Concepts
  • System Change Options
  • Working with Change and Transport Organizer
  • transport Management System Overview
  • Configuration of Systems and Domains
  • Configuration of Transport Routes
  • Distributing and Verifying configuration
  • tp & R3trans Overview
  • Performing Transports with tp Program
  • Complete Process of Transporting Overview
  • Support Packages, Plug-ins & Add-ons Overview
  • Types of Support Packages
  • Downloading Support Packages
  • Support pack Dependencies and Requirements
  • Applying Support Packages, Plug-ins & Add-ons
  • SAP R/3 Kernel Upgrade
  • Oracle Database Architecture introduction
  • Oracle Directory structure for R/3
  • physical Layer Overview
  • Logical Layer Overview
  • Cost - Based Optimizer introduction
  • SAPDBA & BRTOOLS introduction
  • Table space Administration
  • Database Reorganization Introduction
  • Database Backup & Restore
  • Database General Activities
  • SAP Spool system Architecture
  • SAP Access Methods Introduction
  • Defining R/3 Printer Devices
  • Managing spool Requests
  • The SAPLPD Driver Program
  • TEMSE object Database
  • Troubleshooting printing problems
  • Monitoring SAP Instances
  • Monitoring System Work Process
  • Managing User Sessions
  • Managing Update Records
  • Managing Lock Entries
  • Managing R/3 System Logs
  • Analyzing ABAP Dumps
  • System Tracing Utilities
  • Managing Batch Input Sessions

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Modes Training

We follow four formats for SAP Basis training for the flexibility of our students

Batchwise Online Training
Batchwise Training

A batch of some single-digit count students are assigned to a faculty.



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One-on-One Online Training
One-One Training

One student is assigned to one faculty at some fixed customized time of the student.


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Self-Paced Online Training
Self-Paced Training

Videos of previous classes are shared with the students. It also includes clarification of the doubts at the end of the class.

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Corporate Training
Corporate Training

Our expert faculty team visits corporates and takes sessions.



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SAP Basis Training Batches

  • 27th May

    MON - FRI

    09:30 AM - 10:30 AM IST

  • 31st May

    MON - FRI

    12:30 PM - 01:30 PM IST

  • 4th Jun

    MON - FRI

    03:30 PM - 04:30 PM IST

  • 8th Jun

    SAT & SUN
    (Weekend Batch)

    06:30 PM - 09:30 PM IST

  • 12th Jun

    MON - FRI

    07:30 PM - 08:30 PM IST

  • 16th Jun

    SAT & SUN
    (Weekend Batch)

    06:30 PM - 09:30 PM IST

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SAP Basis Training Course Details

It is a training on the concepts of SAP Basis. It is  intended for the professionals who are willing to pursue their career in SAP Basis. It is delivered by Well experienced trainers at IT Canvass to equip you with all the skills required that will help you to land your dream job.

When you complete this SAP Basis Training at IT Canvass, you will be familiar with:

There are specific requirements to attend this course. Anyone interested in pursuing a career in business administration and information technology can attend this course. 

In order to take up this course, one needs to have basic knowledge on SAP concepts. Other primary requirements are familiarity with installation & configuration of the software on windows,  knowledge on operating systems, databases, etc.

Following are the appropriate roles you could apply for when you complete this SAP Basis training:

  • SAP Basis Administrator
  • SAP Basis Consultant
  • SAP Basis Analyst
  • SAP Basis Engineer
  • SAP Basis Monitoring Consultant
  • SAP Basis Solution Architect, etc.

In India, a SAP Basis Consultant can make up to 9.6 Lakhs per annum starting from 3.2 Lakhs per annum. The average salary the SAP Basis Consultant can make is 5.8 lakhs per annum.

Obtaining SAP Basis Training from IT Canvass will set you out from the crowd. It will advance your career, boost your Confidence, and skills. It will also help you in obtaining a salary hike. Additionally, it will assist you in landing the best job opportunity with the best package.

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In this project you will be working on deactivating the emails from transactions SOST in the SAP Basis.

In this project the centralized methods are created and performed.

In this project you will perform a series of activities that are needed to suit the project’s objectives.


When you complete this SAP Basis training, you will be awarded a course completion certificate from IT Canvass. This certificate will add weightage to your resume and will differentiate you from your peers. It will help you to seize the best job opportunities. You could even clear the SAP Basis certification exam after the completion of this course.


 SAP Basis Training

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SAP Basis Training Advantages

  • It Provides real-time learning experience with practical skills.
  • It Deepens understanding of each concept to use them in real-time projects to get the desired output.
  • It Offers support from industry experts throughout the course to know the latest industry best practices.
  • It Offers an Updated curriculum as per the current industry standard and class recordings with lifetime access.
  • It Provides Interactive sessions with learning assistance from the SMEs.

About Trainer

About Trainer

IT Canvass offers highly qualified and certified trainer(s) for the SAP Basis Training program. We have a large group of experts across the world who are from reputed institutions. The trainers we provide have more than ten years of domain experience, and they can deliver course content more confidently and transparently. They always provide their .....assistance to the aspirants during their program. Further, they also provide study materials and relevant documents to support real-time project work.  Read more


SAP Basis is a collection of tools that operate as a gateway between the OS in which SAP is installed, and the communication protocols with the software. Along with numerous commercial apps, it also contains the created databases.  Its objective is to guarantee that all SAP systems operating inside the environment function properly and consistently.

Business Application Software Integrated Solution is the abbreviation for SAP Basis.

No! With IT Canvas you won't feel any difficulty in learning the SAP Basis Concepts. All you need to do is attend the sessions regularly and practice the assignments given by the trainer.

SAP makes a continuing effort to conduct market and business requirements research. SAP builds updated, improved products with latest features according to market need. It is constantly popular and this is one of the main factors motivating a fresh graduate to pick a profession in SAP.

SAP Basis provides significant exposure to both the technical and the corporate fields. Moreover, your career options will greatly expand if you obtain a good understanding of SAP Basis.

SAP Basis is one of the emerging modules of SAP. So obtaining skills or learning SAP Basis will enhance your career, enabling you to grab the best job opportunity possible.

The highest reported salary for an individual with SAP Basis knowledge is 71 lakhs. Top 10% of employees make over 33 lakhs annually. Top 1% make an incredible 50 lakhs or even more annually.

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I recently completed the SAP basis training from IT Canvass where I got to know things in real-time...... It gave me a real-time learning experience with superior quality sessions and easy delivering methods. The trainer covered all the important topics on SAP basis that needs good attention. This training has left me with good skills and helped me to grab a good job with the best package. Read more

- Adbul Hafeez

This is my first ever online learning experience with IT Canvass. I want to become a SAP consultant .....and the SAP Basis course helped to start my career in this regard. Thanks to the trainer who helped me learn things practically through assignments provided in the live training sessions. It's a great platform where I got all my doubts related to SAP Basis solved during the sessions. Read more

- Cherukuri Madhavi

The course is well-designed and the syllabus of SAP Basis training was according to industry standar.....ds. I took this course online from IT Canvass. They provided an experienced trainer for this program who delivered the sessions excellently. Also, he was very supportive in solving all our doubts clearly. Happy to learn this course from here and thanks to the team. Read more

- Naga Sree

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We build our institute intending to build master skills in students on the ServiceNow platform in all domains, also to help businesses in the smooth functioning of their workflows in a cost-effective and fast way.

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