ServiceNow Administration & Developer Training

Service now administration training course objective is to understand, learn, build, and deploy applications on the ServiceNow platform and build skills on an admin and programming level. ServiceNow developer training objective is to make an aspirant learn, develop, and deploy applications on the ITSM ServiceNow platform. Also, .....ensure the successful customization of applications on the ServiceNow platform according to business needs. Our trainers will assist you in your practice to build expertise in you. Get the best ServiceNow Administration & development training by joining IT Canvass. Read more

Course Duration: 25 Hours

Servicenow Admin & developer Course Highlights

Innovative Structure

38% stated that developing applications on the ServiceNow platform assisted them in their job.

Innovative Structure

24% stated that the ServiceNow platform assisted their company.

Innovative Structure

14% indicated that they got the opportunity to get a new job

Want to have a promising career? Go for ServiceNow Admin & developer training.

Servicenow Administration & Developer Training Cuuriculum


Explore the UI, Application Navigator, Mobile Interface, Plugins, and Branding Options. Work with Lists, Filters, Forms, and Search Capabilities.

1. UI Essentials Lab: Configure Navigation, UI, Search, and Branding options.

2. Configuration Essentials Lab: Manage and Configure Incident, Problem, and Change Lists, and Forms, then Create and Apply Filters.


Configure User Accounts, Groups, and Roles.

1. User Administration Lab: Add Users, add new Group Automatically Associated with New User Record, Assign Roles to a Group, Add Users to new Groups, Create and Test New Assignment Rule.


Discuss ServiceNow Data Structures: Databases, Tables, and Records, Work with Import Sets and Transform Maps, then add Configuration Items (CIs) to the CMDB.

1. Tables Lab: Create new Tables, Applications, and Modules.

2. Import Sets Lab: Work with Import Sets and Transform Maps.

3. CMDB Lab: Add and Map Configuration Items (Cis)


Work with key ServiceNow Platform Applications and Functionality: Knowledge Management, Service Catalog, Workflows, SLAs, and Reporting Tools.

1. Knowledge Management Lab: Create and Attach Knowledge Base Articles.

2. Service Catalog Lab: Create Service Catalog Items, Variables, and Create a Service Catalog Order Guide.

3. Workflows Lab: Modify and Test Workflow and Approvals

4. SLAs Lab: Define an SLA for Catalog Requests

5. Reports Lab: Explore the Reporting Application to review Report Types, work with Gauges and Homepages, and create a report from a list


Work with UI Policies, Data Policies, UI Actions, Business Rules, and Client Scripts, Configure Application Security, Work with Events and Notifications.

1. Policies and Interaction Lab: Work with UI Policies, Data Policies, UI Actions, Business Rules, and Client Scripts.

2. Application Security Lab: Provide Application and Module Access for a specified role, Create an Access Control Rule to allow record Read Access, Create an Access Control Rule to restrict column Read Access.

3. Notifications Lab: Observe a Business Rule and Registry associated with a P1 Change Event, Create a Notification based upon a Business Rule, Configure and send an email notification, Create an SMS notification


Create and Apply Update Sets; learn about the Upgrade Process and Release Cycle, Record Baseline Performance Statistics, and Use Social IT Capabilities.

1. Update Sets Lab: Creat, then Retrieve an Update Set.

2. Upgrades, Performance, and Troubleshooting Lab: Confirm Release and Upgrade Status, Edit New Build Notifications, Review Baseline Statistics.

3. Social IT Lab: Configure Live Feed to Automatically Post High Priority Incidents Capstone Case Study.


  • Creating Gauges
  • Define CSS properties, UI PropertiesChange visibility of Homepage and banner.
  • Adding Gauges on Homepages (Admin, ITIL & Self).
  • Adding Report on Homepages.
  • List Layout Changes of Homepages.


  • Creating Application, module
  • Creating table
  • Personalizing form and table
  • layoutCreating Section, View.
  • Dictionary entries
  • Dictionary overrides
  • Reference qualifiers
  • Related lists


  • Creating an updated set
  • Merge update set
  • Retrieve
  • Update set in another instance.
  • Preview & Committing of update set.
  • Importing & Exporting XML of Update set.


  • Client Script
  • Business Rule.
  • AJAX Script.
  • Script Include.
  • UI Action & UI Policy.
  • Workflow editor and workflow scripts
  • Workflow Activities and workflow context
  • Workflow stages, Transitions.


  • Use of service catalog, back end execution
  • Creating catalog item, record producer, order guide
  • Create RITM and catalog taskAttaching workflow to catalog items.
  • Approval Configuration & SLA’s associations.
  • Series & parallel catalog task creations.


  • Data sources,
  • XML import
  • Transform maps,
  • Scheduled data import
  • Import setsTransform scripts
  • Data load automation


  • Creating groups
  • Users and Departments
  • Concept of delegation
  • Customizing user profile
  • Roles & group membership
  • Fetch detail of logged-in user.
  • Templates
  • Licensing management.
  • Admin, ITIL & ESS user’s concept.
  • Foundation data’s (Locations, Groups, Category, Subcategory etc...)


  • Defining a Template.
  • Define notification.
  • Email logs.
  • Introduction to SMTP and POP mail servers.
  • Trigger email on the event.
  • Email properties.


  • SLA Definitions.
  • SLA Properties.
  • Attach SLA to tasks.
  • Create a schedule and child schedule.
  • OLA & Underpinning contract SLA’s.Association of Time zone & Schedule with SLA’s


  • Introduction to scheduled jobs.
  • Scheduled Job log.
  • Scheduled reports.


  • Create Read, Write and Create ACL on table and field level
  • Debug ACLS.
  • Write ACL Scripts.
  • Concept of privileged system admin(Security Admin).


  • Creating site, page.
  • Dynamic content block.
  • Define Header, theme, style sheet.
  • Creating UI page, UI macros.


  • Introduction to web services.
  • SOAP Messages.
  • Inbound Configuration.
  • Outbound Configurations.WSDLMID server
  • Inbound & Outbound Response.
  • Exception of Error handling.
  • SOAP Envelope design.


  • Personalize users.
  • Debugging Business Rule.
  • Debugging ACL.Background scripts.


      1.Web service (SOAP Messages).

  • Inbound & Outbound Configurations.
  • SOAP Envelope Design.
  • Exception & Error handling.
  • WSImport design.

1.SSO & LDAP Integration

2.SCCM Integration

  • Design, develop and test solutions built on Citi’s internally hosted ServiceNow platform.
  • Actively participate in daily Scrum meetings and regular sprint planning, review, and retrospective meetings.
  • Perform L3 troubleshooting of reported application problems.
  • Guide junior developers in best practices.
  • Implement and innovative ServiceNow solutions in ITSM ServiceNow as assigned.
  • Participate in the design and recommendations of overall system functionality.
  • Configure and maintain the system ensuring consistency according to established governance.

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Modes of Training

We follow four formats for ServiceNow Admin & developer training for the flexibility of our students

Batchwise Online Training
Batchwise Training

A batch of some single-digit count students are assigned to a faculty.



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One-on-One Online Training
One-One Training

One student is assigned to one faculty at some fixed customized time of the student.


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Self-Paced Online Training
Self-Paced Training

Videos of previous classes are shared with the students. It also includes clarification of the doubts at the end of the class.

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Corporate Training
Corporate Training

Our expert faculty team visits corporates and takes sessions.



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Servicenow Admin & developer Training Batches

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  • 4th Feb

    SAT & SUN
    (Weekend Batch)

    12:30 PM - 03:30 PM IST

  • 8th Feb

    MON - FRI

    05:30 PM - 06:30 PM IST

  • 12th Feb

    SAT & SUN
    (Weekend Batch)

    08:30 PM - 11:30 PM IST

  • 16th Feb

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    09:30 PM - 10:30 PM IST

  • 20th Feb

    MON - FRI

    08:30 PM - 09:30 PM IST

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  • Aspirants who are looking to start their career with a demanding profile of ServiceNow administration and development.
  • Professionals who want to learn the ServiceNow platform to develop customized applications for businesses.
  • Individuals who are excited to learn something exciting in the software field.
  • The aspirants looking to step ahead of their career with this platform or corporate employees want to build their skills in the ServiceNow platform by learning its features.
  • Basics of JavaScript
  • Knowing Angular JS will be added advantage
  • Know-how of the ITIL framework will assist in a better sense of few OOB modules.
  • A bit understanding of SQL for database views
  • Bit of HTML and CSS to handle UI Pages, Content and Home PagesStructural programming concept to make proper use of Script, which may comprise of your reusable code libraries.Knowledge of XML to understand and make changes in the raw data or configuration dumps.
  • Passion for learning the ServiceNow platform. This course comprehends all the basic to practice level skills to deploy as a ServiceNow admin and developer in any reputed organization.

It is a highly demanding profile in the now and the future. As it’s in the emerging stage, still many big and small organizations are implementing it in their business process for the smooth, unified, easy, and quick functioning of their workflows.

The features the ServiceNow platform provides are something that almost every organization in the world is looking for. And that too, this platform is dynamic in nature with the transforming needs of the businesses. So, it's evident that the demand for this profile will be high almost for a decade or more.

You can take this course for a good start in your career. It's proven that rare skills are paid high in the industry than with common skills. 

ServiceNow administration profile comes with handling multiple tasks through a unified platform. Its an interesting, challenging, and creative profile to head start your service now administration career.

ServiceNow admin and development is a highly demanding profile in the future and now. As it’s in the emerging stage, still many big and small organizations are implementing it in their business process for the smooth, unified, easy, and quick functioning of their workflows.

The features the ServiceNow platform provides are something that almost every organization in the world is looking for. And that too, this platform is dynamic in nature with the transforming needs of the businesses. So, it's evident that the demand for this profile will be high almost for a decade or more.

You can take this course for a good start in your career. It's proven that rare skills are paid high in the industry than with common skills. 

ServiceNow administration profile comes with handling multiple tasks through a unified platform. Its an interesting, challenging, and creative profile to head start your service now administration career.

Service Now administration training objective include-

  • Understanding of configuration procedures.
  • Understanding the workflow of the ServiceNow platform
  • Learning the ServiceNow administration exercises
  • Know fundamental concepts of ITSM processes
  • Clear concept to succeed in getting the ServiceNow administrator certification exam
  • Understanding of the fundamental user interface and navigation in the ServiceNow platform.
  • Comprehend the basic user interface, helpful portals, releases, and navigation in ServiceNow 
  • Generate and administer users, groups, and roles. 
  • Create tables, form layouts, fIelds, views
  • Get an in-detailed understanding of various types of dictionaries/fields.
  • Import data into ServiceNow tables.
  • Learn and implement basic configurations- Client scripts, UI policies, UI actions, Business Rules, ACLs and SLAsSetup application menus and modules
  • Create a dashboard and reportsActivate email notifications and events
  • Build service catalogs, order guides, record producers and workflows
  • Learn the knowledge, asset and configuration management
  • Move customizations from one model to another through update setsLearn and understand about incident management process and service improvements.
  • Acquire and sign into a Personal Developer Instance (PDI).
  • Determine the elements of the ServiceNow user interface.
  • Open modules are practicing the Application Navigator.
  • Open and use forms to create and edit records.
  • Use lists to open records for editing.
  • Use Filters to display a subset of a table's records.

The major roles for these profiles are completely related to programming on the ServiceNow platform, such as:

  • ServiceNow admin
  • ServiceNow developer
  • ServiceNow consultants
  • ServiceNow technical specialists.

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Servicenow Admin & Development Project Details

To get hands-on experience on Servicenow Admin & development Training we give some projects to enhance your skills with real-time work. this will cover the total modules of Servicenow Training. This is very useful to Crack servicenow certification exam and learn how to develop a custom application in servicenow

Servicenow Administration & developer Certification

After the successful completion of course modules with hands-on- experience, the students will be provided with the ServiceNow administration certification from our institute. The students who are interested in getting ServiceNow developer certification from ServiceNow company can write exams and get Service now Admin certificate.


 ServiceNow Admin And Development Training

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Advantages of Service Now Administration & Developer Training

  • Advantages of Service Now Administration & Developer Training
  • You can build your skills in the most demanding skills
  • This is a rare skill, which has high demand in the market, learning this can add value to your profile. That is you will gain competitive differentiation.
  • Enhanced user community satisfaction.
  • The real measure of your educational spend.

Servicenow Admin & developer Trainer

Servicenow Admin & developer Trainer

When you talk about the ServiceNow platform, we have a community of qualified professionals across the world working in reputed organizations on this specific platform.  They have a go-getter attitude to assist students in all perspectives to make them understand every feature of the ServiceNow platform profoundly. We have separate lab exper.....ts who are always ready to help you in understanding the concepts. We provide study materials, and other supporting documents to assist them in handling their real-time projects.   We even provide ServiceNow admin certification at the successful completion of the ServiceNow administration training and also help in getting ServiceNow developer certification. Read more

Servicenow Admin & development Training FAQ's

Every class is recorded and shared with the students before they visit the next class. In this way, students will be ready for their next class. Or even if they have missed the previous class they can attend the missed class in any other upcoming batch.

Yes, we have a policy of discounts, which we follow in two ways- Referral and Group discount. Group discount is offered when you come in a group and referral discount is offered when our previously enrolled student refers you.

We provide study material and other supporting documents to students which clarify every doubts students encounter in practising in real-time projects. Still, if they are unable to tackle then they can call our technical support executives and they will schedule a session for you with our expert trainer for a period of 6 months from the end of the last class.

We have referral programs in our institute. In which companies who are looking for the ServiceNow admin and developer profiles, they come and select the students for interviews. Even, we help our students in preparing their resumes and assist them in all perspectives in getting a job from our networks.

All essential labs to support the ServiceNow admin training are available for students to access round the clock. After every session, we provide lab assignments to students to practice on the same day on real-time scenarios. Our technical staff is ready to welcome students’ doubts at any time every time.

All our trainer’s team is qualified enough to handle any projects on various modules of the ServiceNow platform. They are the industry experts and contributing from their end to build aspirants skills in ServiceNow administration.

Yeah, we understand our students and their needs. By considering this, we permit our students to pay a fee in two installments.

As the ServiceNow platform is the emerging platform and big brands, SMEs are attracting towards it with its lots of beneficial features in their workflows integrating with the latest technologies like AI and machine learning. The demands for this course will increase in the future too. If you are a master in this, you will be in gain.

To officially certified for the ServiceNow administration profile. Students have to register for the course on ServiceNow's official website, and after writing an exam, You will get certification for this. Even we provide certification for this after completion of the course.

ServiceNow platform has a lot of scopes now, and in the future, also, if you’re going with this course, you will not regret starting your career in this field. As we can see, a change in every technology in a couple of years, but in the case of the ServiceNow platform, they are developing at a good rate with additional features.

We help our students to plan, develop, analyze, and make changes on the ServiceNow platform based on real-time scenarios during the ServiceNow admin and development training. Even we deploy our students to work on our client’s projects.

The average salary of the ServiceNow system administrator will depend on the skills the person has. Moreover, the individual with the ServiceNow admin certification salary will range from approximately $59,250 per year, according to Indeed.

ServiceNow admin and development training is the best start for the fresher as it bringing jobs for freshers in millions. The average salary offered by various brands is approximately ranging from USD 90k-127k, according to Ziprecruiter.

The average salary of ServiceNow developer is $94,000 in India, according to Payscale. It’s more than that in other countries. The scope for experienced ServiceNow developer is, even more, many top brands, SME’s and even startups are looking for ServiceNow developers for their business process.

ServiceNow suggests the students have at least two to three months of practice on real-time projects before writing the exam for the ServiceNow admin certification exam. You can find the information on the certified system administrator page. Upon the success of clearing the exam, the students are provided with the ServiceNow developer certification.

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ITCanvas helps you gain knowledge and skill set for whatever the course you opt for. Along with my f.....riend, I have completed the ServiceNow admin and development course, and it was fun learning online, and classes were interactive that keeps the spirit of learning alive. Thank You, ITCanvas Read more

- Ashok

I completed my ServiceNow admin and development training. I feel that ITCanvas is the right place to..... embark on a successful ServiceNow career. I shall recommend it to my colleagues and friends. Read more

- Rajesh

The ServiceNow admin and development training I got from ITCanvas is job oriented and industry-focus.....ed. The tutor dealt with the course in a unique & comprehensive manner. The project handled here was very helpful in gaining in-depth knowledge about the ServiceNow admin and development concepts. I rate this as the best and excellent training I have ever received. Read more

- Kiran

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Why ItCanvass?

ITCanvass is the pioneer in delivering ServiceNow platform services. We covered all perspectives of the ServiceNow platform, which include- Training, consulting, IT support, Job support, remote projects, and resources.

We also covered ServiceNow platform services, whether it is in ITSM, ITOM, Non-IT Services, Asset & Configuration, Planning & Policy.

We build our institute intending to build master skills in students on the ServiceNow platform in all domains, also to help businesses in the smooth functioning of their workflows in a cost-effective and fast way.

  • Professional Trainers

    Professional Trainers

    All our trainers hold real-time experience in handling industry level projects of reputed organizations. They share their expertise and pinpoints where students may get stuck along with solutions to tackle them.


  • 24/7 Support

    24/7 support

    All our team members are connected through an online and cloud platform. We are always ready to support our students and clients at any time. We aim at providing excellence in our service delivery to our students, which covers all perspectives to meet end goals.

  • Instructor Lead


    Our trainers pay special attention to every student in the class. And ensure every class is interactive and all doubts of the students must get manifest in the same class. Our excellency in the subject helps our students in building expertise in the subject.

  • Real time Training

    Real-time Training

    Every class is provided with the lab assignments, which help them in clearing their doubts to encounter while handling real-time projects. We even help our students to work on our clients' real-time projects to get skills like industry experts. So that students are ready for industry deployments.

  • Flexibility


    We schedule classes to our students based on their availability. Every student's time is given priority and helps them to utilize their time completely. Whether students come in a group or individual classes are scheduled to them based on their availability.

  • Lifetime Access

    Lifetime access

    Every class is recorded and shared with the students at the end of the class. Students get to refer to the recorded videos anytime from anywhere throughout their lifetime. They can even use this recording for reference in the future whenever they get any doubt in implementing the real-time projects are preparing for any interviews.

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